10 Home and Natural Remedies for Toothache Pain | home remedy for tooth infection 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.080 what you can do if you have a toothache 0:00:01.890,0:00:06.779 it’s important to figure out what’s at 0:00:04.080,0:00:09.000 the root of your discomfort from there 0:00:06.779,0:00:12.170 you can determine how to best relieve 0:00:09.000,0:00:14.849 any… Continue Reading 10 Home and Natural Remedies for Toothache Pain | home remedy for tooth infection

if you need one tool that will do the work of four you need to check out the contour SCT surface conditioning tool exclusively from eastwood the contour SE t surface conditioning tool will prep your metal for paint removing surface rust while leaving the tooth you need for perfect… Continue Reading The BEST Way To Strip Rust, Paint & Body Filler! Amazing New Tool from Eastwood.

Endodontic treatment (Step Back Technique) is also known as Telescopic canal preparation or serial root canal preparation. Step back technique emphasizes keeping the apical preparation small and producing a gradual taper coronally This technique was first described in 1960 by Mullaney basically this technique involves the the canal preparation into… Continue Reading Endodontic Treatment (Step Back Technique)

If you or someone you know is being treated for cancer, it’s helpful to know that more than a third of all cancer patients develop complications that affect the mouth. Cancer and it’s treatments often weaken the immune system if your mouth is not as healthy as possible prior to… Continue Reading Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth During Cancer Treatment

(classical music) (chalk scraping) – Hey everybody, it’s me Ben. Today’s question is why is it so painful to bite into aluminum foil? Alright, good question. First thing’s first, it’s not painful for everybody. It’s painful for people who have fillings or crowns made of metal. You probably already knew… Continue Reading Why Is It Painful To Bite Aluminum Foil?

After a thorough examination and an x-ray and on some occasions possibly even a cone beam CT scan, the tooth is numbed using a local anaesthetic solution. This is going to make treatment more comfortable for the patient and supplementary anaesthesia may be required for the gums around tooth area.… Continue Reading What are the steps of root canal treatment?

if you have an abscessed tooth that means the pulp of your tooth is infected and you’ll need root canal therapy the pulp is in the center of your tooth it houses the nerves and blood vessels and provides nourishment for the tooth even with proper brushing and flossing tooth… Continue Reading Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

those who have experienced thoothache know the agony that it can cause besides the excruciating pain it can also affect your appetite and you asleep so what causes a toothache? it can be due to many factors such as tooth decaying, gum infection or tooth nerve irritation whatever the reason… Continue Reading Tooth Pain – 3 Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies – Immediate Pain Relief

Oftentimes, we’re asked whether or not a patient should pop an abscess, should they feel it when occurs. While you can pop an abscess to help drain some of the infection, one must understand that it does not eliminate the infection completely. When you… when you have an abscess, it… Continue Reading Dental Health : Can You Pop an Abscessed Tooth?