Having problems with sinus pressure or stuffy nose? Hi my name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine specialist and internal seminary provider. Sinus pressure can be indicative of allergies, sinus infection, or coming down with the common cold. With any of these pressure can be alleviated sometimes… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy : Acupressure Points for Sinus Pressure

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Welcome to Trailhead Health. In this video we asked Dr. Josh Eha a doctor in Oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturist, what his recommendation would be to someone who is thinking of working with an acupuncturist. Who is a good acupuncturist to work with? How do you pick your acupuncturist? After… Continue Reading How should one pick their Acupuncturist? What to consider? Dr. Josh Eha, DAOM, L.Ac., C.SMA

The five fingers, there is the five emotions of the body and these emotions we continually have. That’s true and that kind of goes back now to our physical body, that we have these innate emotions which the heart is the love one. So heart and small intestine, the grief… Continue Reading Dr. Andrew J. Lucking Naturopathic Doctor/Homeopath

What’s the scientific evidence for needles to improve growth hormone level. One of the studies was published in 1991, Journal of Electrotheory Acupunture. This Hungarian doctor published this article about how acupuncture improved the growth hormone level. He used ear needles, and the electric acupuncture with a frequency of twenty… Continue Reading Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation : Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation: Scientific Evidence

The third pattern of depression is called a heart and a spleen deficiency. So we have two conditions here. One is the heart deficiency, which it has shows all the symptoms related with heart function; for instance, irregular heartbeat, chest tightness, heart racing, or the abnormal circulation. You can see… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Depression : Traditional Chinese Medicine Heart & Spleen Deficiency

The human body is the most intricate, well- designed machine ever built. Every patient is a different puzzle and there’s different reasons for everything. I just read their entire body For me, the needle is the continuation of my finger. I feel the energy arriving at the needle and that’s… Continue Reading Why This Olympic Snowboarder Became a Doctor of Chinese Medicine

So you are having problems with your sinuses and what to do a little self help. Hi my name is Mark Brinson doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine and human performance specialist. Sinus problems can come from a variety of sources. You can be coming down with a cold, you… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy : How to Use Acupressure Points for Sinus Relief

So you found a book or a chart on acupressure points and you want to know how to stimulate them yourself. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine in Human Performance Specialists. Acupressure and Acupuncture points are basically the same thing but when you’re going… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy : How to Stimulate Your Pressure Points Through Acupressure

You have got a curiosity about acupressure points and where they are located. Hi my name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine specialist and human performance specialist. Acupressure points as you can see from the charts I have here are located all over the body. Acupressure and… Continue Reading Acupressure Therapy : Where Are Acupressure Points Located?