Hey guys! In a few seconds you are going to see a video about atemi and the use of pressure points in aikido. I demonstrate it in a kata of formalized fashion. No claims are implied like “Aikido is the best martial art” or “all this will work easily on… Continue Reading Aikido Atemi (当身) and Pressure Points – Striking Techniques and Kyusho – Gyakuhanmi Katatedori

sur cette partie du corps il y à quelques point de pression typiques des arts martiaux, qui sont dérivés de l’acupuncture et ont des fondations scientifiques on utilise seulement quelques uns d’entre eux en Krav Maga: par exemple, quand nous utilisons le “levier cavalier”, nous agissons sur l’articulation du poignet… Continue Reading KRAV MAGA TRAINING • Knockout Pressure Points (part 3 of 5)

Les points de pression du 1er degré peuvent occasionner des blessures fatales Vous ne devez donc les frapper qu’en cas d’EXTREME danger. Puis il y a les points de pression du 2nd degré Et si vous les touchez, vous pouvez causer des lacérations, des fractures et autres invalidités Mais ils… Continue Reading KRAV MAGA TRAINING • Knockout Pressure Points (part 1 of 5)

Dog Vlog: Airport Edition [laughs] I’d like to recap the standards of a service dog, in an airport [Intro Music] Honestly, when we went to the airport today I was like, panicking You don’t have to go? That’s f*cking terrifying She always shits on the days we travel I make… Continue Reading How A Service Dog Should Behave In An Airport

Very important in the kung fu is the development of the internal energy. Shi Xing Peng will demonstrate how he can move a car using a spear which is placed against his throat.