Hey! My name is Gray, and welcome to my channel. So, today I want to talk about needle anxiety because it’s a very real thing, and if you are thinking about going on T, it can be a huge barrier to starting if you’re super nervous about giving yourself a… Continue Reading How to Overcome Needle Anxiety

Hello everybody, welcome back to another video by DissociaDID. This is kind of a reassurance video/an advice video. A system that we know quite well recently reached out to us. We wanted to film something on behalf of a particular alter, so Skyler, this is dedicated to you. And… to… Continue Reading How To Feel COMFORTABLE In YOUR BODY! | Dysphoria & Dysmorphia

CASSANDRA CASS: I’ve always been an entertainer. I’ve always loved making people smile or wearing a fancy costume or being creative. CASSANDRA CASS: And here it is, Marilyn Monroe, the most iconic blonde in Hollywood. Until me of course. CASSANDRA CASS: I love you, Marilyn. COMM: Cassandra Cass is a… Continue Reading Trans Burlesque Star Spends $250K On Her Perfect Body

My name is Amber Karnes Drew Glucksman Amanda LaCount Latoya Shantay Snell. I practice yoga I run I lift I dance because I love my body. not because I hate it

This is Bob. Bob is biologically defined as a male, which is a gender that has been assigned to him. But, growing up, Bob realizes that he does not feel comfortable being recognized as a male in society. Also, he doesn’t feel comfortable with his body and the gender roles… Continue Reading Gender dysphoria: definition, diagnosis, treatment and challenges

Well, my birth defect affects me every day. When people see me they’re like, “Wow, that’s the half woman!” Or, “She has no legs!” Hi, buddy. Hi. Hello, Luke. I’m very fun and outgoing. I, um, don’t let anything stop me from doing what I want. I go for my… Continue Reading My Life With Half A Body: Living Differently

Hello! I’m Jamie and today I’m going to talk about body positivity, I’m trans, I’m genderqueer, and I’m also fat, [laughs] and at the same time I really have a pretty good relationship with my body, and I thought some of the ideas and thought processes that are helpful to… Continue Reading Practical Body Positivity for trans people and others

nobody is a secret you want to be a girl actually I don’t want to be a girl I am a girl seven year olds paddy and George have something in common they’re both transgender they’re not some circus freaks they’re normal children who are born with their own plumbing… Continue Reading Born in the Wrong Body : My Transgender Kid VOSTFR