Hello My name is Freddy and this is Billy and we are both Chinese herbalists based in New York City China Town and our address is 217 Center Street and out phone number is 212-274-8226. So we are talking about Chinese herbs in particular this herb called Ying-Young Ko. Its… Continue Reading All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Horny Goat Weed & Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Chest infections are very common especially during autumn and winter. Although most are mild some chest infections can be life-threatening. The main symptoms that could indicate a chest infection are a persistent cough, coughing up yellow or green phlegm or mucus, wheezing or shortness of breath, chest pain or tightness,… Continue Reading 6 chest infection treatments (natural home remedies)

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz. Let’s talk about prostate cancer. In this video, we’re going to cover the four main types of treatment for men with prostate cancer. There are four broad categories: Observation alone, local treatments where the therapy is administered to the gland alone, systemic treatments where medicines circulate… Continue Reading The 4 Types of Prostate Cancer Treatment | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

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My name is Connie Deline. I am a patient with a spinal CSF leak. I’m also a physician It’s difficult to describe how comforting it was to see a physician who’s an expert in treating the problem that I had. [Wouter I. Schievink, MD] My name is Wouter Schievink I’m… Continue Reading Cerebrospinal Fluid CSF Leaks Treatment | Cedars-Sinai

One of the questions we oftentimes get is, people want more energy. And so, what we talk about is the tonic herbs in Chinese medicine. So, it’s a little bit different from what people know and are commonly used to, because we talk about qi, or energy tonics; and we… Continue Reading Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tonic Herbs