Trick or treating, what do I see? I see a ghost and he sees me. Now that ghost is chasing after me. Trick or treating, what do I see? I see a pirate and he sees me. Now that pirate is chasing after me. Run run run run. Jump jump… Continue Reading Trick Or Treating | Halloween Song for Kids

So I’m just gonna get this out of the way… And it has NOTHING to do with the video But one year for Halloween I dressed up as a bunny. I… I.. don’t know WHY I thought it would be a good idea Maybe I thought I would be CUTE… Continue Reading How To Get The Most Candy While Trick-or-Treating

“Wait I think this is one of the YouTuber Houses?” “It’s Dan(TDM)’s house.” “Hello, Dan! Happy Hallo-” “Free candy– Dan really?” *dead laughs* Welcome back to the channel guys! Today we are playing ‘The Ghosting Hour’ in Roblox. (obvs) For those who don’t know what it is, it is a… Continue Reading TRICK OR TREATING SIMULATOR IN ROBLOX! BEWARE OF THE SCARY DOORS!

‘Kay, it’s almost 6:00! Got the plan down, right? Yup- first one to the door- first one to get a crack of the best candy! *beep beep.* Ok, here we go! *Knock knock* Trick or tr- Sorry kids, we’re all out- (Both) Ah man! Every Trick-or-Treat Ever! (singing) Trick-or-treat, smell… Continue Reading EVERY TRICK-OR-TREAT EVER

(Elise screaming) (Jeremy laughs) – [Jeremy] Get him, get him. – It’s snowing. – [Caleb] Trick-or-treat, daddy it’s to heavy. (spooky music) – Happy Halloween. – [Jeremy] Gotta carve the pumpkin. – Yeah, wow, can I try some? – [Jeremy] Yeah. (upbeat music) – Well we got the pumpkin all… Continue Reading 🎃TRICK or TREAT😂