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Patients with trigeminal neuralgia will tell you it’s it’s the worst pain of their life and people who have had terrible pains like childbirth or heart attacks or kidney stones will tell you it’s worse than that. And so it really is terrible debilitating pain that that really can stop… Continue Reading Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment (Face Pain) – Penn State Neurosurgery 5

Howdy! My name is Aaron Boster, thanks for tuning in to an impromptu educational opportunity here at OhioHealth MS Cenrer. Today I want to speak about pain in Multiple Sclerosis. When I attended medical school they taught me that MS doesn’t cause pain and they taught me wrong. There’s a… Continue Reading Multiple Sclerosis can hurt! Pain Syndromes in MS

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– So today I want to talk to you a little bit about trigeminal neuralgia, otherwise know as the suicide disease. And if you’ve been searching for information for help on trigeminal neuralgia, you probably know why it’s called the suicide disease. It’s the worst pain known to man from… Continue Reading Natural Relief of Trigeminal Neuralgia

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10 Medical Conditions More Painful Than Childbirth 10. Trigeminal neuralgia So let’s get this one out there – pain is subjective, though childbirth is commonly considered the worst one could experience. But Trigeminal Neuralgia might just give it a run for its money. This chronic disorder affects the Trigeminal nerve… Continue Reading 10 Medical Conditions More Painful Than Childbirth

(intense music) – I lost my pants again (chuckles). (record scrapes) (sighs) It’s us again. – [Lara] You probably don’t have to wonder how we ended up here. I’m Lara. – [Kelsey] And I’m Kelsey. – [Lara] And we’ve made so many damn videos about our chronic pain, we can’t… Continue Reading Traveling When You Have Chronic Pain