JOHNNY: So many people stare at me every single day, every time I am in public, and that used to really get to me. Life after my accident was so much worse than even the physical burns that I had been through. Now I try to look at everything with… Continue Reading My Body With 95% Burns | TRULY

Sabrina: I’m unable to be the person that I want to be without getting stared at, without feeling pain, and I just can’t. Psoriasis really isn’t that rare. However not a lot of people have it as severe as me. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. Your immune system doesn’t do… Continue Reading My Body Is 90% Covered In Psoriasis | TRULY

Jacinto: To me it’s very important of what people think of all the people in their 80s or 70s. To see that we could be strong, and we don’t have to depend on anyone. That’s why I work out so hard. I was born in 1939, just about the same… Continue Reading The 80-Year-Old CrossFitter | TRULY