– [Interviewer] What would you change about your body? – My penis. I get a pizza stick or like– and I’m just like “Damn, if I can just be this long, I would be–it would just be a wrap”. Then I eat it, then I’m like, “Oh, this is what… Continue Reading What would you change about your body? | Keep it 100 | Cut

(hip hop music) – I’m Sister Kate from Sisters of the Valley. – And I’m Sister Evie from Sisters of the Valley. – I am Aubrey Plaza from Wilmington, Delaware. – Yes, we’re the weed nuns. – I’m not a weed nun, but I do that. – The reason we… Continue Reading Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot with the Weed Nuns | Strange Buds | Cut

(chewing) – What the fuck? (lighthearted folk music) – No. – Oh, no. – Fuck, get that shit away from me. – What the hell is that? But what is that, it looks like a fossil. Oh, it’s a fruit. – What is this called? – Called what? – It’s… Continue Reading 100 People Try Durian | Keep It 100 | Cut

(sighs) – I’m kissing, I’m kissing. I’m… I’m gonna kiss somebody. – I never had a kiss before. (piano instrumentals) – Eline. – Because I’m a muslim and muslims aren’t supposed to do these things. – No, I don’t know their name or their face or anything. – I’m feeling… Continue Reading First Kisses Captured in Slow Motion | First Takes | Cut

– Seductively? (laughter) – Seductively. Alright. – Oh, my boyfriend’s gonna be too mad about this. – Hmm. (intense classical music) – This is really weird. – Well, I don’t really do the schlong, but, you know. – Mmmm, can’t wait. (intense classical music) (moaning) – That’s so good. (intense… Continue Reading 100 People Seductively Eat a Banana | Keep it 100 | Cut

– Hmm, secret, I don’t know if I should tell you a secret because then it’s not a secret anymore. (calming music) – A secret. – As in that nobody knows? – Secret, um. So many things. (laughs) – I got a prison tat when I was 17. – I… Continue Reading 100 People Tell Us a Secret | Keep it 100 | Cut

– I do also say “eat a dick”, most of the time. Yeah, “eat a dick”. Eat a dick. (light music) – [Woman] Yes, I’m deaf. – I’m deaf. – [Woman] I was born deaf. Some people think I’m hard of hearing ’cause I speak some and I can hear… Continue Reading Deaf People Teach Us Bad Words | Deaf People Tell | Cut

– Do you remember the first time you killed someone? Yeah. We weren’t a family that carried guns or, any kind of weapon for violence or anything, though. We played war and stuff like that but you know, it’s never real. And my dad and my mom, they told us,… Continue Reading Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime | On Killing: Season 1 | Cut

– Would you wanna be in a wheelchair all the time? – No. – Yes. – Yes? – Then my feet would never get tired. – Never get tired. (cheerful music) Hi. – [Crystal] Hi. – My name is Amine. – It’s nice to meet you, Amine. I’m Crystal. –… Continue Reading Kids Meet a Guy with Muscular Dystrophy | Cut