You can get lifted doing the Wim Hoff Method? **** I need to try this! *Time slows down * What’s up everyone, if you’re burning flowers to get lifted, well then you’re doing it wrong and if you’re taking things, like this, to get lifted, well then you’re doing it… Continue Reading How To Get High | Wim Hof Method

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My goal today is to get the shady dealings I’ve experienced out in the open both for people looking to buy tablets, AND for artists who will get contacted by these companies with offers to receive a “free” tablet to review. I should mention overall I’ve had ok experiences with… Continue Reading I’m Quitting: Painful Truth About Drawing Tablet Reviews [Scribble Kibble #106]

Let’s open our Bibles to 1 Corinthians, chapter 15, and look at Paul’s chapter on resurrection. The resurrection of believers is the theme of this chapter. The Bible promises a redemption of the body, not just the spirit, not just the soul, not just the inner person. Romans 8:23 says… Continue Reading The Uniqueness of Our Resurrection Bodies

it is time now to concentrate on you prepay nurturing and casting brushes outside of your mind a master of generated energy this poem body mind and still and collect deann energy and ways of healing above and beyond it is also in the united with your higher self this… Continue Reading Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit Guided Meditation

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[MUSIC] When I was in fifth grade, I won an eating contest by eating five chicken-fried steaks.>>[LAUGH] >>I used to volunteer at the Palo Alto VA Hospital to help them perform autopsies. When I lived in Australia I used to work night shifts as a bartender, as a professional mover… Continue Reading Decoding Deceptive Body Language

Existence is strange and there’s no way we can ever manage to understand all the many mysteries of life, the universe and everything. When we come across something we don’t understand, most of us turn to teachers, parents, smart friends and probably Wikipedia, in an attempt to sort out what’s… Continue Reading 6 Famous People Who Believe Crazy Theories