Hello and welcome to speaking of psychology a podcast from the American Psychological Association I’m dr Vale right the director of research and special projects at APA and I’m guest hosting this podcast from APA 2019 year in Chicago Joining us today is dr. Angela Lawson she’s the associate professor… Continue Reading Debunking Myths About Fertility with Angela Lawson, PhD

Infertility based on Western medicine, just to look at it from an age standpoint, if you’re a female under 35 years old, you would be considered having infertility problems, if you have been actively trying for a year and have not conceived. If you’re over 35 years old, it would… Continue Reading Combining Acupuncture with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART & IVF) – A must watch video.

I am on day three of my letrozole slash Femara feeling fine like no breakouts or anything so far no mood swings but I am really tired. Good morning Fertility Fam! how are you? today is Thursday May 17th is it me or is the week going by really really… Continue Reading Letrozole IUI and Acupuncture | CD6 Update