Hey guys welcome back to my channel. [I] had no intentions I’m filming this video But I figured I would Because when I started doing this I had no idea what I was doing and I had to google a lot So I figured I would do a little how-to… Continue Reading How To Give Yourself a Vitamin B-12 Injection 💉

Hi, I’m Steve Magnante, and I’m here in El Paso, Texas, where we’re going to take a look at the new MSD Atomic Electronic Fuel Injection System. It’s basically a wet flow throttle body that replaces most any square bore carburetor. Now, if you’re one of those guys with a… Continue Reading MSD Atomic EFI TBI Tutorial Overview How-To Installation Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion

What’s up, Twitches! It’s your boy T-Pain! You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, guess what? It’s not just eyes and teeth, it’s actually me. How’s everybody doing today? Throw some 1s up in the comments, if you already follow me. You know how I go man, I need my… Continue Reading Mija – Remix Lab with T-Pain

Hello in this video I will show you an alternate way to get Slime sealant into your Presta valve tube Other youtubers like KriegerKrieg remove the valve lock nut I don’t like to do this because the lock nut threads are mushroomed to prevent it being removed and this could… Continue Reading How to inject slime inner tube sealant into a Presta valve

friends second part weaving rugs we continue our work with necklace I shared the templates I could find under the videos you can print them directly The size of the templates is the size you will work with I occasionally share links to my videos on social media to inform… Continue Reading Kilim dokuma kolye nasıl yapılır. Bölüm 2/6 (Weaving with needle necklace technique Part 2/6)

This video is sponsored by Pins + Needles Kits. Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial here on my youTube channel every Wednesday. Today I have a fun video showing off the Pins and Needles box. It is a subscription service where you get every single… Continue Reading Tips for Using Sewing Kits and Patterns | PINS + NEEDLES KIT GIVEAWAY {CLOSED} | Whitney Sews

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Let’s talk needle positions, for example, with a straight stitch selected you will notice that instead of width here, you have a picture of a stitch that you can move side to side. You’ll notice if I go ahead and plus it, there’s lots of increments, there’s 29 needle positions,… Continue Reading Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 11 Needle Positions

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel for another video.Today’s video was originally intended to be about Green Boots, an unidentified John Doe on Everest who was later identified. But as I wrote the script for this video, it slowly morphed into the video you’re about to see. Consider… Continue Reading THE BODIES OF EVEREST | MIDWEEK MYSTERY