Today on Zero MD, we learn more about the fifth vital sign. Hello my name is Dr. Zero Mella and I am a Rural Health Physician here in the Philippines. I’m currently at home and I haven’t reported for work in days because today is actually day 5 post-op. Last… Continue Reading Verbal Grading of Pain | Tips

[Kristen]- Drop stitches add such a beautiful interest in your pattern and this sea foam stitch is a garter stitch pattern that uses drop stitches of varying heights to create rippling waves. We’ll go from solid, to a two tone, and back again. I’m gonna demonstrate how to make the… Continue Reading Needle Knit | Sea Foam Stitch (Left Handed) One and two color variations

Hey, what is up everyone, Norman from University here. Welcome to our second video in this Retrofit series. As always, before we get started, you should know that you find all the content as tutorials and all the code snippets for easy copy&pasting on our website. The link is… Continue Reading Retrofit Tutorial — Send Objects In Request Body

Now that we’re all experts at caricaturing the human face, we can’t forget about the rest of the body. Oftentimes, an inexperienced caricaturist will spend all of their efforts exaggerating the face and just throw on a neck and a small body as an afterthought. When you’re working as an… Continue Reading Cartooning the Body – How to Caricature the Figure

Start by wrapping a wool wick In a small ball shape Start felting by poking the ball With the felting needle This process is repetitive and slow The mold will keep the Right scale Wrap the body wool In a cylinder shape Felt it with the needle in the Desired… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Anjinhos do Advento

Attache two balls One of them smaller, for the head the other ball will be the body attache the parts, poke the needle all the way around, as shown poke from one ball to the other in both directions Turn the elf and poke the base so that it is… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Duende

Begin by felting the front Fins I’ve used unbleached wool and then Cover it up with the green one But you should use the green on Straight away, it will be faster You can use a mold to Keep the proportions Repeat this process for The back fins Add on… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Tartaruguinha 2/2 – Needle Felting – Turtle

Tip number 1: Always keep your fingers in a position that is visible. The felting needle is very sharp and it hurts a lot when we poke a finger. So always hold the piece in a way that you can see your fingers to not occur an accident. Tip number… Continue Reading 12 Dicas de Feltragem para Iniciantes – Santa Meada – Needle Felting – Tips

Begin by wrapping up the unbleached wool In a cylinder shape This will be the fox’s body Felt it to keep the shape Make a smaller ball for the head Join the parts by felting them together Poke it all over it On both directions Some extra wool on the… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Raposa – Needle Felting – Fox