I don’t know if Kayla is going to let me video her she’s really stressing out now this fingers is crossed for her so she can’t get through this [Music] Hey, everyone. It is Connie from we are the davises and today I am picking up the kids from school… Continue Reading ?TIME FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHECKUP!? | We Are The Davises

Tous ces gens sont hippies Ils disent : “Ommmmm” Des aiguilles d’acupuncture Dans leur boules d’energie SVP ne m’obligez pas à faire des positions de yoga Ces caddies sont si petits à Whole Foods Tous ces hippies Adorent leurs placebos Attends qu’ils se vaccinent Ils ne le feront pas SVP… Continue Reading Hippies | Twenty One Pilots “Heathens” Parody | ZDoggMD.com

Hello. I’m Professor Ian Hunter, and I run the Bioinstrumentation Lab here in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. I’m joined by my colleague, Dr. Cathy Hogan, and together, including the help from a number of very, very talented students and post-docs and others in the lab, we’ve created a very interesting… Continue Reading Jet-injected drugs may mean the end of needles

Leprosy brings to mind images of biblical beggars, lonely leper colonies, and seems, for some, to have all but disappeared into the history books. But leprosy stills haunts many parts of the world and there’s an absurd amount that we don’t know about the disease. Leprosy has been around since… Continue Reading How Does Leprosy Damage the Human Body?

– What is going on, ZPac? It’s your boy ZDoggMD. Welcome to another episode of Incident Report, which is also a audio podcast, even though you’re looking at me now if you’re watching on YouTube or Facebook. My quick housekeeping, before we jump into this really, really, really amazing show… Continue Reading Why Your Fear of Needles Could Kill You | Incident Report 213

Hey it’s professor Dave, let’s learn about pharmaceuticals. We all get sick from time to time. Whether it’s just a cold, or something more serious, and there’s great controversy amongst the public about how to treat disease. Some argue that conventional medicine is best suited to address the health needs… Continue Reading Pharmaceutical Drugs: Inhibitors and the Nature of Disease

The British government Medical adviser her name is Dame Sally Davis something like that. She’s still. I think she still is she came out and said homeopathy was a Nonsense you know fakery basically because she has no idea about reality Like I say the the the base form of… Continue Reading ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE – David Icke on Homeopathy