I would never go to an Indian guy that became a doctor Especially one that was born and raised in this part of the world fuck that Cause if we were born and raised here you had real dreams, and it was never to become a doctor Let’s be honest.… Continue Reading “Indian Doctors” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

SARAH HAUER: Hi. I’m Sarah Hauer. SIG HAUER: And I’m Sig Hauer, and we’re professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. SARAH HAUER: We’re here on behalf of Expert Village. SIG HAUER: And welcome to our video. The next point Sarah is doing is Large Intestine 4 and this point is… Continue Reading Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine : Acupuncture Hand Points

Hey! Welcome to Tingting’s pharmacy. How can I help you? Can I see your list? Let me check. You need, uh… Oh, I think that I have everything you need. Please wait a minute, let me prepare it for you. And a little bit of this… That’s enough. And, uh…… Continue Reading [ASMR] Chinese Herbal Shop Roleplay

At the very first visit that I see a couple suffering from infertility, one of the first blood tests I order is a thyroid level, specifically, thyroid hormone levels. The thyroid gland, present in the neck, is very important in setting the metabolism for the body. The thyroid gland also,… Continue Reading Hypothyroidism & Infertility | Infertility