– I remember June 8, 1972. (airplane whooshes) And I saw the airplane and it’s so loud, so close to me. Suddenly, the fire everywhere around me. The fire burn off my clothes and I saw my arm got burn with the fire. I thought, oh my goodness. I get… Continue Reading “Napalm Girl” Kim Phuc, from iconic Vietnam photo, on pain and forgiveness | Brief But Spectacular

[MUSIC PLAYING] Frequently, my back pain was so severe, and it was difficult to lie down. It was difficult to get up. So I think over the years, the pain began to exacerbate before I began to do anything about it. Tai Chi was a mystical and strange subject. And… Continue Reading Back Pain: How One Veteran Found Relief | Consumer Reports

– Do you remember the first time you killed someone? Yeah. We weren’t a family that carried guns or, any kind of weapon for violence or anything, though. We played war and stuff like that but you know, it’s never real. And my dad and my mom, they told us,… Continue Reading Veterans Describe Killing during Wartime | On Killing: Season 1 | Cut