relax,relax! rescue me!, brother shou! breathing! look at his legs! I going to film him! relax! almost touch the ground! don’t use your hands to support your legs! AIYA, rescue me! He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese… Continue Reading Passive Flexibility training: flexibility won’t come from small pain!

– Hashtag respect needle felters– (gasp) It happened! (slow exhale) No blood, okay. You know, my friends say I stress them out because (laughter) I do stuff like this, but just know, I stress myself out too. (static) (beep) So I feel I’ve always been a… crafty person. Literally, not… Continue Reading I Tried Needle Felting

I got a neck loop! [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Hello! So today I had a migraine. My brain still doesn’t quite work, but I can see now so that’s good. Sorry about the lighting in this video, because I didn’t expect it to get dark at 2:30 in the afternoon.… Continue Reading Hearing Aid Accessories: I Got A Neck Loop! || Vlogmas Day 11 [CC]

*Random singing clips from later in the video* What’s up? My name is Roomie. Get those vlog belts off! Get those chastity belts off! Cause things are about to get pretty sticky.. *laughs* how old is your audience They’re all thirty and older. (lieeeeeeeeees!!!) Today we’re gonna try out the… Continue Reading SINGING WITH HELIUM IN 8 GENRES

Goodmorning.. I just walked down the street and got the best idea ever! I’ll share it with you guys Oke so what I came up with.. wait there’s so much shit here always haha.. ok so what I came up with Something that is super exciting not original but super… Continue Reading WIJ BEGINNEN MET VLOGMAS!! | RIRI’S VLOGMAS 1

Hello Everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide. Today we’re going to explore a natural means of inducing hallucinations – namely, the fascinating phenomena of hypnagogia – nature’s very own nightly hallucinatory wonderland. Better still, developing an interest and understanding of hypnagogic hallucinations is a vital step towards mastering lucid… Continue Reading HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY ✹ Trip Without Drugs ✹ Natural Alternative to DMT & LSD