– I’m not saying that cooking is gonna fix my migraine, but, cooking is a huge passion of mine so it’ll lift my spirits. (upbeat music) Going on an adventure. – Oh you’ve got freezing cold hands. (laughing) Good Friday morning everyone. Oh, man I had a not great night.… Continue Reading Fighting a Migraine with Ice Packs and Cooking! 🍳 (10/6/17)

If your calf muscles cause you pain after running, stick around as I’m going to show you some solutions to get you running again pain free. Running is tough on the legs, that’s for sure. It’s a high impact, repetitive action that places a lot of demands on different parts… Continue Reading Calf Pain Exercises for Runners [Ep50]

So, a lot of you have been asking me about uh, being sick and stuff that goes along with it. I’ve been kind of getting mixed reactions to these kinds of videos that aren’t about books. They are my most commented on but they are also my most disliked. I… Continue Reading TENS Unit for Migraines

(sniffles) – I have to sneeze, hello. (sniffles) Get out, hello? Oh it’s right there. It’s gone. Hello everyone, I’m Colleen Ballinger and I’m going to talk about my body today. I have been on a wild journey with my body over the last year and I thought it would… Continue Reading How Pregnancy Ruined My Body

My neurology follow-up went great and I have a new and improved migraine control plan Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ha, you’ve got freezing cold hands! Oh! Ha ha ha ha! Good Monday morning everyone. I am just a little bit out of breath this morning Because I… Continue Reading ✔ Neurology Check Up | New Migraine Control Plan 👊 (7/3/17)

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey you guys, it’s Irene Lyon here and I’m answering another question from my Facebook group, my Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook group. If you are not on that group, be sure to join. I will link up the link somewhere below this video. But, got… Continue Reading Is it a healing crisis, or is it just healing? || Q&A 001

I have not run out of ideas. That is unfair and it’s blasphemy and it is just incorrect simply. Okay, I’ve been away for like a week. I just had to exist in the abyss at the lowest level of human function as possible, but now I’m back I’m back… Continue Reading reacting to my old Vines

Oh my God! (laughing) look at his back dude the scratches look at my hands good morning Jake Paulers (whispering) It is super early right now so lets wake up Team 10 Good Morning everybody wake up time to have a good day hey how ya doing over here, Chance… Continue Reading 1 MILLION THUMBTACK PRANK ON NAKED ROOMMATE

– [Andrew] Work that thing, work that thing. You want this to be your hospital bag? – Yeah. – [Andrew] That was not part of the plan. (funky music) – Yeah. (funky music) – [Andrew] Clingy McClingermeister. – What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to our channel, I’m Shawn. – And… Continue Reading a day in the life *pregnant edition* | the east family

hey guys so today this video is going to be in English and this is because I noticed that some of you guys don’t speak German so yeah this is for you let’s get started might have noticed already that TK isn’t here that’s because I’m recording this straight from… Continue Reading You should drink your own piss! Homeopathy Rant