And there he is Waiting Waiting for his torturer he’s all set up this ain’t right. I don’t even do nothing What I love To do with it What is up everybody hey? It’s Britney with this unity crew today. I’m dressed in all black I’m ready to get my… Continue Reading LABOR SIMULATOR! CHILDBIRTH SIMULATOR! BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCES PAIN OF GIVING BIRTH! LABOR PAINS!

oh my god…. I heard it, I heard it over my whole body. There was an earthquake inside my neck. Hi guys, this is jelly couple. Today we are getting a really really special treatment at the chiropractor, and I’m not alone today. I’m with my friend… Chelsea hi, guys.… Continue Reading 뼈소리 실화?! 한국에서 짜릿한(?) 척추교정 제대로 경험한 외국인 반응!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ l ENG CC

You know what? I actually think its sad, that Youtube doesn’t let me play music in the background while talking to you guys. It’s actually annoying because I the truth is That I never get ready without music Before I started talking to you I was listening to a song… Continue Reading Full Body Workout | Nawyki żywieniowe *udaje dorosłą

relax,relax! rescue me!, brother shou! breathing! look at his legs! I going to film him! relax! almost touch the ground! don’t use your hands to support your legs! AIYA, rescue me! He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese poem to release the pain He yelling Chinese… Continue Reading Passive Flexibility training: flexibility won’t come from small pain!

– Hashtag respect needle felters– (gasp) It happened! (slow exhale) No blood, okay. You know, my friends say I stress them out because (laughter) I do stuff like this, but just know, I stress myself out too. (static) (beep) So I feel I’ve always been a… crafty person. Literally, not… Continue Reading I Tried Needle Felting