my name is Bertha and I live in the city of Santa Clarita i came to see Dr Polucki about a year or so ago with some problems with fatigue that I’ve had for many many years I’ve gone to doctors and they after running many tests said that there… Continue Reading Alternative medicine, wellness nutrition and spine rehabilitation for fatigue

JUDY WOODRUFF: Last month, the Food and Drug Administration formally approved the first vaccine to prevent Ebola. It comes at a crucial time. An outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has infected more than 3,000 people since early last year. And yet the situation could be much worse. What… Continue Reading Despite outbreak, Ebola treatment and vaccine represent ‘resounding scientific success’

– [Zach] Even though the Royal Rumble may not be the most extreme match, it can still be a pretty dangerous one. Throughout its over 30-year history, wrestlers have suffered some brutal and painful injuries during the Rumble. Here’s a look back at the wrestlers who hit a bump on… Continue Reading Wrestlers Who Suffered Painful Injuries During the Royal Rumble

Karen: My name is Karen Holmes and I’ve had migraines for over 40 years. They started when I was 12 and I had it occasionally, but then they came as a transformed migraine. I started getting a daily chronic headache and then they transformed in the transform migraine. I had… Continue Reading Karen; Occipital Nerve Stimulation Successful After 40 Years of Migraine

I didn’t have a relationship with myself. I wanted to get as far away from myself as possible. I didn’t want to be crazy. I didn’t want to be this weirdo. I’d have picked anyone else on the street, “I’ll be you! “Teach me how to be you! I don’t… Continue Reading Why School Is So Challenging With ADHD | Body Language

[Maggie Zahneis] “Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m 14 years old.” [Bob Zahneis] “Hello, I’m Maggie’s dad Bob.” “Hey Maggie, why don’t you tell us about the first visit you made to Children’s.” [Maggie] “My first visit to Children’s was actually the day I was born, which was Christmas Day.” “And… Continue Reading Tell Me a Story: Teen Who Feels No Pain Counts Her Blessings

hi my name is Nell and I had a FIRSTtx treatment within about four hours of a massive root canal and gum grafting procedure. I was in tremendous pain at the time and the pain subsided just about 30 seconds after the treatment. It was right away and didn’t come… Continue Reading Post Root Canal Pain Relief (800) 261-6511 Dental Pain Management

My name is melissa Smith, I’m 27 years old .I was having migraines two to three times a week before I started seeing Christina. I had headaches since childhood and migraines since about middle school. The worst time in my life for migraines was probably the six months after I… Continue Reading Migraines and Headaches Relieved with Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Boulder Co.

– I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it because he was your boyfriend. – Shut the eff up you effin’ N-word. – You only have three months to live. (somber music) When I went to the doctor and he said I only had three more months to… Continue Reading What’s the most painful thing you’ve been told? (Strangers Answer)

We all know how many Sith embrace the pain they come across, believing that it made them stronger as it fed into their hate, which in turn fed their strength. But Jedi too welcomed pain whenever they came across it, but for different reasons. Whenever a Jedi was injured and… Continue Reading Why Jedi Liked Pain [Legends]