you recommended you either wear a sweater you move you could do both well yeah but you don’t need it be sure to him even if you do do either yeah it’s not like you just go home you know this period hoping that your environment whenever you travel wherever… Continue Reading How to Remedy Cold Hands and Feet

Hey everybody! Day six of my water fasting journey. Have to say last night was pretty rough. A strange thing happened to me, I almost felt like there was air bubbles or something in my sinuses back here. It’s almost like a pressure behind my eyes and behind my sinuses.… Continue Reading Dr. Group’s Water Fast | Day 6 – Acupuncture and Water Fasting

hice Loren Lockman from the Tanglewood Wellness Center I’m here today with my friend David from normally David how are you today I’m great I’m gonna leave him alone yeah you’ve been here now how long I’ve been here for 28 days water fasting and then refeed for ten days… Continue Reading David’s 28-day Fast to Eliminate Lipomas (create overall better health) -Tanglewood Wellness Center