Ozone Therapy is the closest thing we have today to a miracle drug. In this video I will go over several points: what ozone therapy is, quick ozone setup in the home, how you can use ozone in the home, and lastly prove to you that ozone really works. Ozone… Continue Reading Ozone Therapy at Home generator miracle cancer herpes lyme MS back pain oil medical acne machine for

(yelling) (squeaking) – Yo, it’s your boy, Killem, for the win! I always Killem for the win and you’re watching me, Killem for the win. Woo! So, before we get to today’s video I just wanna let you know that the $100 competition winner for this week goes to Sebastian… Continue Reading WORLD RECORD Fastest Slip and Slide *PAIN ALERT* (OFFICIAL GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS)

Well let’s start at looking at coconut water itself. Coconut water is the liquid that you find within the coconut itself. It appears to be good for your health overall. If you want to know some specific health benefits then keep watching… #1. Coconut Water Could Help with Cholesterol. The… Continue Reading Fresh Coconut Water – Can Help You With Weight Loss, Migraines, Better Digestion…

Ginger Water to Relieve Migraines, Digestive Discomforts and Pain Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger water, it can be used to help fight aches and pain. Its always a good idea, however, to first see your doctor if you have any kind of prior illness. Ginger is an aromatic… Continue Reading Ginger Water to Relieve Migraines, Digestive Discomforts and Pain

During storms, some rattlesnakes drink rain droplets from scales on their backs. This unusual behavior could help them survive when water is scarce. Now, researchers have figured out how the nanotexture of scales from these snakes helps them use their bodies to harvest rain. They report their results in in… Continue Reading How rattlesnakes’ scales help them sip rainwater from their bodies – Headline Science

Hi, and welcome to your water treatment plant. My name is Christa and I’m going to be showing you around. Lets go! Today we’re going to have a look around and find out how water is collected from a natural source and made safe for us to drink. I know… Continue Reading Tour of your local water treatment plant with Waikato District Council water sources.

Hi there. Water treatment is an important issue for commercial dishwashers in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens – so everywhere, where it’s not just about hygiene, which of course goes without say in professional dishwashing, but also about achieving pristine visual dishwashing results. After all, it’s these results that you… Continue Reading What are the different types of water treatment?