Hey there, folks. You know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? You probably first heard it back in kindergarten. I still live with my mom so I’m told that everyday! While this expression can be irritating, there is some truth to it. Today, we’ll be talking… Continue Reading Eating An Apple Every Day Does This To Your Body

Begin by wrapping some Wool wick It can be in any color, We’ll cover it up later Felt it by poking the needle all around until the shape is set Cover it with the red At this point I use Finer needles Do the same With a white band Felt… Continue Reading Tutorial de Feltragem – Melancia – Needle Felting – Watermelon

Yellow water melon drink When you start drinking a glass of watermelon juice every morning, the skin is brightened Also, excessive drying of the skin can prevent wrinkles and skin ruptures If you drink watermelon juice daily, you can get a youthful appearance Cut Water melon in to pices Remove… Continue Reading Anti aging (Yellow Water melon) Drink – Different color fruits,

The juices are coming out of there right now! Whoa! Look how bloody this is. Hello, YouTube. Welcome to Guava Juice. Today we’re going to explode a watermelon with some rubber bands. So I’ve seen this all over the internet, and I’ve always wanted to do this my whole entire… Continue Reading EXPLODING WATERMELON CHALLENGE! (EXTREME)