>>My name is Diana Oates and I’m married, I live here in Lithonia, Georgia. My husband is David Oates. We have four children. I’m a full time security director for a private security firm. I am 5’3″, and at one point in my life I weighed 267 pounds. I had… Continue Reading Atlanta Weight Loss Surgery at DeKalb Medical: Diana Oates’ Story

Slimming tens unit digital acupuncture therapy massager Item specification brand name PG life application body screen color colorful blue size 153 X 7 0 X 2 8 mm. Item type massage and relaxation material ABS voltage 110 – 220 V full button language English feedback 4.7 out of five 100%… Continue Reading Best 4 in 1 Full Body ShaperSlimming Tens unit digital acupuncture therapy massager 2018

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care. Today we’ll be talking about Parkinson’s disease. Also at the end of the video we’ll discuss an emergency point as usual. Firstly let’s understand what is Parkinson’s disease. It’s a neurological disorder and a degenerative disease. It’s related to our nervous system. Our… Continue Reading Treatment of PARKINSON by Acupressure & Seed Therapy

Hello friends, Welcome back to my channel Divine Care ok, so today we’ll be talking about points which are helpful for increasing our height.Basically , there are growth hormones secreted in our body which are responsible for our height growth. This secretion of growth hormone varies from person to person.… Continue Reading Treatment to Increase Height

(soft music) – I’m Dr. Neil McDevitt and I’m a bariatric surgeon. Obesity is a personal disease and if you don’t get to know the person behind the patient, then you don’t really know how to care for them. So what we want to do is we want to get… Continue Reading CCBC Weight Loss Seminar

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care.Today we will be talking about varicose vein.First let us understand what it is.If flow of blood from our legs back to the heart is obstructed due to any reason,it starts clotting in the particular area and the veins start swallowing up.You might have… Continue Reading Treatment of Varicose Veins by Acupressure and Seed Therapy

So you feel like you need a little bit of help with weight loss or weight control and you think Acupuncture might be for you. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be quite good for… Continue Reading Acupuncture : Acupuncture for Weight Control

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care. In today’s video we’ll be talking about cold and flu. Cold and flu are viral infection. Less body resistance power people catch this infection easily. Mostly this infection occur during season change. It mainly affects our respiration system i.e throat and nose. Body’s… Continue Reading Treatment of COLD & FLU with Acupressure points

Hi and welcome to this video to help you control your appetite. I’m going to show you a couple of points actually the main one is called Abdominal Sorrow. It’s on the Spleen meridian and it’s below the rib cages. The way to find it is very simple: it’s along… Continue Reading Control Your Cravings with Acupressure • Anne Cossé

Today we will know about women and men stomach beauty powder reason knowing or unkonwingly today’s life became without physical exercise only with mental exercise we don’t know whose sin is this what ever the reason after the marriage, people are getting fat around the stomach , love handles, thighs… Continue Reading Ayurvedic tip to reduce fat around stomach easy way