Hi I’m Dr. Laura Belus, Naturopathic doctor. And here today with Well.ca to share my must-haves in my natural medicine cabinet. So let’s get started! First and foremost, I need to have some immune support on hand. And I always have two products: #1 for overall prevention and #2 when… Continue Reading What’s In A Naturopath’s Medicine Cabinet?

Hi SBAM friends! Today we will make another comparison between two guns that are almost identical. They’re from different countries, they are in a different caliber but identical in all the other aspects. A fair comparison indeed I’ll use the SLR L1A1, British FAL 7,62x51mm While you’ll use the “Austrian… Continue Reading Clueless Comparisons Ep 2: Dreyse Needle Gun vs FAL L1A1 (w/ENG Subs)

Hi, I’m Florencia Toyos, a self-taught illustrator and embroiderer. With the brand Flora Te, I’ve created “mini drawbroidery” products embroidered pins based on illustrations, among other things. I’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs in my country, illustrating logos for brands like Anita Lafont, Marilú Cuadernos and “Journaleando,” and I’ve done commissions for… Continue Reading Ilustración de personajes con hilo y aguja – Curso online de Flora Te

Hi, my name is Tom I ordered FLEXOPLEX a few months ago, and I’m happy to report. It’s worked very well for me Being retired I blinked off whenever I can and I work the back pretty good swinging the clubs a little more than maybe I should but besides… Continue Reading FLEXOPLEX Testimonial for Knees Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief (2018 )

Hello, I’m Ilene Ruhoy. I am a board-certified neurologist and I am the founder of the Center for Healing Neurology. Neurologic symptoms can really impair quality of life and so, it’s always been my mission to help people feel good and healthy and happy for as long as they can.… Continue Reading Seattle Neurology & Integrative Medicine for Migraines, Nerves, Seizures, Vertigo – Dr. Ilene Ruhoy

Hey Tom, have you seen m- DEAN, WAIT! Why? I’ve filled the room with tiny, razor sharp needles. Why have you done that? To catch the time stopper. Right… Well, i’m gonna go and get thi- Arghhh! This room is filled with needles. Yeah, it is… Why? To stab him.… Continue Reading Needles (feat. Jack and Dean)

calm music (calm music) – Practices, I am going to teach you how to take people up, energetically. And I am going to teach you how to change their mood, energetically. (exhaling) Push, exhale (exhales) And then sweeping this way, and pull, push. Watching your balance. Getting lost in the… Continue Reading Medical Qigong for Healing Back Pain 2019 – Preview Workshop and Demo

Hi, I’m Doctor Filardo. And I’m a doctor of chiropractic and certified in acupuncture. And we’re here in our office in Warner Park on behalf of Expert Village. And we talked this morning we talked about several segments. And so we’re going to summarize all those segments. And the summary… Continue Reading The Basics of Acupuncture : How to Evaluate Stress for Acupuncture Treatment