Once upon a time, Gwyneth Paltrow was just a widely beloved, award-winning actress. But she finally caught a break in 2008, when she launched her nutritional newsletter, Goop, which gave birth to a lifestyle empire. Today, she’s the high priestess of a many-tentacled, monetized belief system that just sold out… Continue Reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP Wellness Summit Included Crystal Therapy and Aura Readings (HBO)

Imagine experiencing the joy of movement every single day. Imagine living your life spontaneously with freedom, comfort, and ease. Imagine a life where your body supports you and isn’t holding you back from doing what you love. Unfortunately, so many people suffer with pain and mobility challenges that limit what… Continue Reading Alternative Physical Therapy, Herbalism, Hypnosis, Feldenkrais & Craniosacral Therapy in Durham, NC

I’ve been taking my own kind of mix of supplements and such literally two shopping bags full I asked him to take a look at what I had to see if there was a better regimen that I could take so I brought in two shopping bags full of stuff… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine Vitamin B12 Holistic Health Testimonial Video in SCV

so I’ve been getting migraines since pretty much as long as I could remember ever since about junior high and I would get them really consistent consistently really regularly and everyone in my family also had migraines my mom my grandmother all the women and the side of my family… Continue Reading ASMR wellness center migraine relief in Santa Clarita Los Angeles.

Hi, so I came to see Dr. Bolte about 6 years ago. because I had a pain in my back and neck area that wouldn’t go away for two years. So I came in and he did some kind of pressure points, used some magic I call it, and then… Continue Reading Neck & Back Pain Treatment – Chiropractic Care – The Get Well Center

Hey guys, what’s going on, my name is CJ Estes and this is my testimonial video I’m making for The Get Well Center with Dr. John Bolte. When Dr. John first reached out to me a couple days ago asking me if I would put together a short little video… Continue Reading Headache and Migraine treatment that actually works – No painkillers – no medications – no surgery.

hey everyone this is Stephanie from fast track to health wellness center I am a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner does acupuncture really work well the answer is yes and no so in today’s video I’m going to explain so here we go let’s start with the yes so… Continue Reading Does Acupuncture Work for Pain? – How Acupuncture Can and Can’t Work for You