Earrings can really help spice up an outfit, but can they help you lose weight? Acupuncturists, or some I should say, say yes. These crystal earrings you see here are actually acupuncture needles that are strategically placed in spots that allegedly help with metabolism, appetite suppression, as well as stress… Continue Reading Earrings for Weight Loss?

My name is Dr. Wayne Dyer and I’m really happy and proud to endorse the work of Dr. Tony Willcox. Acupuncture is something that I believe strongly in. I have written lots and lots of books about energy and how to improve the quality of your life and acupuncture is… Continue Reading Acupuncture Delray Beach

hi I’m dr. Mike Evans and today we’re talking about low back pain a problem that people often take care of themselves but even then it’s still one of the top two reasons people visit doctors and responsible for up to 40% of all missed work days okay let me… Continue Reading Low Back Pain

Hi, my name is Dr. Tony Willcox. I’m a acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine. I have a practice in Delray Beach, Florida; Acupuncture Zen I just wanted to give you a little bit of a background on my history and how I got involved with acupuncture. I got… Continue Reading Acupuncture Delray Dr Tony Willcox explains his interest in Acupuncture

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Hi – I’m Tara – You may be wondering what I am holding here today. This is The Miracle Mat! For those of you that know me – know how passionate I am about alternative health options. I personally have been using The Miracle Mat for over six years. It’s… Continue Reading The Miracle Mat – Benefits of Acupuncture without Needles

– [Shari] And this point calms the mind. How’s that feel? – Awesome. I can see it. (lively music) It seems like acupuncture is having a moment right now, though it has roots in Chinese medicine dating back at least 3,000 years. It’s a concept most of us are familiar… Continue Reading I Tried Acupuncture for the First Time | Thrive Global

Hi my name’s Lorne Brown I’m really passionate about health and helping healing in our community I’m a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and founder of Acubalance Wellness Centre women often seek out acupuncture in pregnancy for two main reasons: one is they want to have a healthy baby, and… Continue Reading Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Thanks to everyone for coming, as well. So I wanted to talk a little bit about the introductions here to get us started. First and foremost, like Nora said, I’m a psychiatrist here at Stanford. I also work at the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine, which is here on the… Continue Reading Nadia Haddad, MD, MS on a Practical, Holistic Approach to Stress & Wellness in a High Pressure World

Hi, I’m Doctor Anita Gant, and I want to welcome you to the Visa Health Center, located in Metro 3 on Visa’s Foster City campus. As Managing Physician for the Center, I’m really excited to show you around and tell you about the services we provide. Visa selected my company,… Continue Reading Visa Opens State-of-the-Art Employee Health Center to Promote Wellness