Hi, Dr. Michael Ho. Now, if you like the information you watch in the video here, please subscribe to my videos by clicking the button below. Now last time we talk about what migraine and tension headache is. Today we are talk about what causes migraine and tension headache. From… Continue Reading What Causes Migraines? | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

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– Hey, it’s Dr. Gregg with Align Wellness Center here in Northbrook, Illinois. And I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about how you wind up getting migraines. For many folks they wind up thinking that it’s a trigger that winds up making them happen, but I’ve gotta be… Continue Reading Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them

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With rare exception the problem’s not in your head. It’s in your neck. Most of us have hit our funny bone right here, and felt nerve pain shoot all the way out to our fingers. . . Then, as that nerve quickly calms down the nerve pain retreats back to… Continue Reading What causes my migraines | Why do I get migraines?

Ocular migraine, their auras, what causes them and migraine and ocular migraine relief. That is what we are going over today in The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler. I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. Let us jump right into the content with what is an ocular migraine. For those of… Continue Reading Ocular Migraine Aura | What Causes Migraines and Relief

If it does, you’ve probably also felt like this: These are all symptoms of the debilitating, traumatic disease of migraine, which, just to be clear: – is not just a headache. It’s a genetic, neurologic disease. It’s shockingly common, estimated to affect a billion people around the world. – We… Continue Reading Migraine is not just a headache

seven foods that can cause migraines a migraine is a neurological condition that is usually genetic in nature and can affect people at any age though it most commonly begins to occur during childhood while most people associate migraines with intense throbbing headaches other migraine symptoms include nausea vomiting numbness… Continue Reading 7 Foods That Can Cause Migraines