All right. Well, we’re glad you’re here. Let’s go ahead and get started today. What we’re looking at here is ‘Tips and Tricks for AcuGraph Professionals’ because we don’t want to deal on the negative, and all the mistakes and we do see folks like make a lot of mistakes.… Continue Reading Avoiding the most Common AcuGraph Mistakes

I want to welcome everybody to the webinar today. I appreciate you joining us. And those that will see the recording later, I appreciate you watching the recording. I’m Dr. Adrian Larsen developer of the AcuGraph system, founder of Miridia Technology, and all-around navy blue shirt kind of a guy.… Continue Reading PIE in your Face: Analyzing Acupuncture PIE scores in AcuGraph

– And coming up now, we have a man who needs no introduction, Mr. “I can’t believe he’s from Canada,” – Jared McCallum. – I have it on me. Oh, here we go. All right. Yeah, I want to say thank you to Kimball too because I’ve… we’re always pushing… Continue Reading How to Build a SUCCESSFUL Acupuncture Practice (Communication is KEY)