[Title] Alliance Medical [Title] The MRI Scan – what happens? Here’s the MRI Scanner. If you need to have an MRI scan you’ll be brought into a room much like this. You lie on the table, you go into the middle, you come back out again, and you get changed.… Continue Reading MRI Scan – what happens?

Hi, when you follow Dr. Z’s regimen you’ll be on the road to good health as Steve

My name is Jongbae Jay Park, Associate Professor at Center for Translational Pain Medicine Department of Anesthesiology at Duke School of Medicine. I was instilled to become a clinician by my father. He actually helped me needle on him when I was 16 when he was teaching me acupuncture. I… Continue Reading Acupuncturist & Asian Medicine Specialist: Jongbae Jay Park, PhD, LAc