Periodontal disease we’ve been discussing that all day it’s extremely devastating not only are their dental ramifications, tooth loss, gum recession, bad breath, bleeding gums these are the signs and symptoms and by the way if you’re a smoker you’re not going to have a lot of the symptoms in… Continue Reading Gum Disease Treatment at The Lanap and Implant Center of Pennsylvania – Dr. David DiGiallorenzo

HI I’m Dr. Ira Turner I’m from Island Neurological Associates of Long Island and I’m here with Laurie Jennings from Good Housekeeping Magazine. Hi there. We are here today talking about chronic migraines. I think the best thing to do is start with you, Dr. Turner. Tell us, what is… Continue Reading The Surprising Secret Weapon for Fighting Disabling Chronic Migraines

Discover how to make chocolate croissant with Chef Sylvain … Start by putting the flour, the sugar and the salt together in the tank of an electric mixer, then add the baking powder but it mustn’t be directly in contact with the sugar or the salt. Add the egg, the… Continue Reading Pain au chocolat – Réussir cette recette par Chef Sylvain

♪ [music] ♪ In 2016, greater than 150,000 men where diagnosed with prostate cancer. So, that relates to about in our lifetime as men, a one in seven chance of developing prostate cancer. A lot of men are diagnosed with metastatic cancer at presentation. I think it’s a great second… Continue Reading Prostate Cancer Treatment in Floyd, IN

When I was about 13, 14 years old, I remember coming back from school on the bus, wearing my school uniform, and a man brushed his hand up against my leg and then put his hand in between my legs. I didn’t say anything, and that’s part of me thinking,… Continue Reading Reclaiming My Body After Rape: Living With PTSD

Hi, I’m Dr. Scholz. Let’s talk about prostate cancer. In today’s video, we’re going to cover unorthodox treatments for Indigo. Unorthodox means outside the mainstream of medicine. There are different ideas for treating prostate cancer that haven’t really been proven with large trials but seem to make a lot of… Continue Reading Unorthodox Treatments for Recurrent Prostate Cancer (Indigo Stage) | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

You are looking at our mango body mousse DIY kit. With this kit you’ll see a recipe card, on the back you’ll see a QR code which you can scan and it’ll take you to a DIY recipe video you can also look this up on our YouTube channel This… Continue Reading Mango Body Mousse DIY Kit | Now Available | Perfect Holiday Gift

– Afternoon, guys, it’s Dr. Steve here at DiMartino Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center in Chesterfield. Today we’re going to be talking about headaches and migraines accompanying with nausea and possibilities of how this may be happening. We have patients every single day that come into the office with extreme… Continue Reading Chiropractic Headache Therapy Chesterfield MI

when a man is newly diagnosed with prostate cancer there are a few options you can choose from in terms of treatment which factors should be considered before deciding on treatment The majority of men are diagnosed with what we call localized prostate cancer meaning that cancer has not spread… Continue Reading Choosing the Right Prostate Cancer Treatment

This is a video of a fine needle biopsy from a lymph node on a patients neck. The skin is disinfected with one milligram per milliliter klorhexidine. The lymph node is located and the optimal position for the needle is found. The needle is quickly punctured through the skin. It… Continue Reading Fine needle biopsy non-aspiration technique • Oncolex