Hello and Welcome Friends!!! You most welcome on ‘Lakhaipurtv’ I am telling you today about benefits and use of Himalaya Lukol for women disease leucorrhea or white discharge I already posted 2 unique herbal formula for this on my channel but many requested me through mail and comment to tell… Continue Reading ल्यूकोरिया या सफ़ेद पानी की दवा | Himalaya Lukol Review For White Discharge

– I love acupuncture, acupuncture can be used for a variety of conditions, PMS, menopause, infertility, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, insomnia, muscle pains, migraines. There is a lot of different types of acupuncture, and I was trained in a traditional Chinese medicine approach for over 300 hours, where I… Continue Reading Acupuncture | Kimberly Larson-Ohlsen, M.D. | Colorado Complete Health for Women