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My name is Jack Chew and I’m a partner at Lombard Auto Body. I’ve been working with people and cars for 32 years. In our business, you come to work. You work hard. There’s never standing around time. JVS’s program helps youths with no work experience build skills so that… Continue Reading Lombard Auto Body – 2016 Business Leadership Award Winner

Does ear candling remove earwax? Fact or Fiction. Earwax is a common problem many patients face when it gets particularly bad. It can be removed professionally by your local ENT. However, there are a number of other ways to remove it including flushing and for some folks even ear candling… Continue Reading Do Ear Candles Remove Earwax? Fact or Fiction… (Ear Candling)

Applying for jobs online is one of the worst digital experiences of our time. And applying for jobs in person really isn’t much better. [The Way We Work] Hiring as we know it is broken on many fronts. It’s a terrible experience for people. About 75 percent of people who… Continue Reading How to make applying for jobs less painful | The Way We Work, a TED series

This period of test stimulation shows the patient exactly, and I mean exactly, what a permanent stimulator feels like so for those days it’s going to be pretty simple for them to say, “Hey, this is great. You know? I do like it. It’s just what he said.” Or, you… Continue Reading Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment; Review of the Trial Implant

Good morning body! Time for another day. Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button and lay there for few minutes between the land of wake and sleep known as the hypnopompic state. When you do finally get up, you’re groggy and disoriented thanks to sleep inertia. Most of… Continue Reading This Is Your Body Over 24 Hours

So, imagine a company hires a new employee, best in the business, who’s on a multimillion-dollar contract. Now imagine that whenever this employee went to go meet with her team members, the appointments were ignored or dismissed, and in the meetings that did happen, she was yelled at or kicked… Continue Reading Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague | Nadjia Yousif

Being a Medical Officer at NIAID in particular, but probably for NIH in general, means that as a physician what one does is oversee clinical studies and clinical trials that are going on to try and advance our understanding of different diseases and also how different interventions or diagnostics might… Continue Reading NIH Job: Medical Officer