There’s been further escalation in the volcanic status overnight and today at Whakaari/White Island. There is the risk of another eruption like Monday’s eruption while on the island. We all agree that retrieving bodies of the deceased from the island is an absolute imperative. We are standing by to go… Continue Reading White Island volcano: retrieving bodies is an ‘absolute imperative’

You know the thing with dual diagnosis clients, man, is it’s hard because… Well, it’s just he’s bipolar, right, and you get that in check. You get medication. You’re not going through that all the time. However, let’s say you are a bipolar heroine addict. You know, you’re taking your… Continue Reading The Hardships of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

[ Fanfare plays ] I´m Gavin Haynes, and I´m a man. As a man, I´ve ruled society for millennia, even if it doesn´t always feel like it when I´m trying to get a waiter´s attention. But ruling society isn´t easy, and as an effete British asshole, I´ve always looked towards… Continue Reading The New Wave of American Masculinity