Hey. Hello boys and girls. Where am I? Can you see me? Where am I? Where am I? Boom. Haha. I’m here. Hey look. This is my head. Yeah. So come on. Say with me. It’s a head. What is it? It’s a head. What is it? It’s a head.… Continue Reading Body Parts + MORE Outdoor Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie by Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Wuah! Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Oh, trick feast! Ha-ha. Let’s play a trick on Steve! He-he. Come in and hide! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, let’s make this house a haunted house! Ha-ha. Just scare Steve! Yeah! He-he-he. Oh-oh. Hello. I’m taking some… Continue Reading Halloween Trick or Treat Steve and Maggie Stories for Kids | Speaking Wow English TV

Steve! Yes, Maggie? Time to play. Oh no, Maggie. I don´t want to play today. I am reading my book. Hello boys and girls. Hi. I am having a lazy day reading my book on the sofa. Oh, hey! Maggie! She´s got my foot. Oh, my foot! My foot! Come… Continue Reading Body Parts for Kids + MORE English Funny Stories for Children | Steve and Maggie from Wow English TV

Haha. Hello! Hello boys and girls! Haha. Can you see me? Haha. No! Where am I? And Boooh! I am here! But oh, look, where is my body? I haven´t got any arms or legs! UUU! Where are my legs? Oh, hey! Look! Legs, haha! Oh yeah, it ´s a… Continue Reading Body Parts from Steve and Maggie + MORE English Stories for Kids | Head Shoulders | Magic English