Hey. Hello boys and girls. Where am I? Can you see me? Where am I? Where am I? Boom. Haha. I’m here. Hey look. This is my head. Yeah. So come on. Say with me. It’s a head. What is it? It’s a head. What is it? It’s a head.… Continue Reading Body Parts + MORE Outdoor Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie by Wow English TV

TB: So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna trim both of the smaller nails first because those ones don’t have any fungus. P: Yeah. TB: Then the top big toenails that do have fungus last. Okay? (music) TB: We’re just trimming the nail so nothing should hurt. If you feel… Continue Reading EXTREME BAD NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT #1 – FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #17

All right, guys! Pun times! I mean… Fun times. – Ahahaha… – Ohh!!! So welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. Today’s video is about puns. Speaking of really bad musical jokes… Check out our TwoSet Apparel! – I know – – Where we got quality musical humor! Get it?… Continue Reading Painful Musical Puns

(upbeat music) – I actually have a, like, it hurts more to turn this side than this side, that’s for sure. – Okay – So, I guess this side would be worst. Yeah it moves much better. (chuckle) Normally it’s just like a soreness. – Yeah. – But um, yeah… Continue Reading PAINFUL NECK AND BACK – HELPED WITH GONSTEAD METHOD

…soooo, who wants to start? Yeah, I’ll go. He never picks me anymore. I guess my skills just aren’t enough… or something? Here: watch this. Hey! Hey! HELLO! See what I mean? Nothing! Nothing! Yeah! I get it. Over 300 Champions. Someone’s gonna get hurt. Raid: Shadow Legends.

(uplifting pop music) – Like that. – Like doing that motion? – Yeah. – Like doing it like that? Okay. I don’t want you to go too hard but I want you to do that same motion a bit harder now, but putting on your shoe. – Okay – So… Continue Reading CONSTANT BACK PAIN FOR 5 YEARS | INTERO CHIROPRACTIC

(mysterious music) – So, I’m pretty torn between the General Tso’s chicken and the chicken lo mein. What is your preference between the two? – [Waiter] Yes. – Okay, I will get the chicken lo mein then. – Chicken lo mein, yes. – Okay, thank you. – [Waiter] Thank you.… Continue Reading Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown (Official Music Video)

(warm inspirational music) – So it’s like a good, solid year of that. I know with the stress level, it’s just gotten worse and worse. (pops) Oh (blank), oh my God. – You okay? – Yeah. – How’s your neck? – That was amazing, yeah. – The main thing was… Continue Reading NURSE WITH NECK PAIN *GREAT RESULTS* FROM THE FIRST SESSION | GONSTEAD CHIROPRACTOR

(upbeat music) – In my shoulder I’ve had that pain now for about eight or nine months. I have pain in my neck, my mid-back, and my lower back. – 0kay, mid-back as in here or in here? – Um, here. – Oh, okay. That’s kinda far down, okay. –… Continue Reading NERVE PAIN Down The Arm Helped with GONSTEAD Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – So, can you show me where you have the low back pain on the right? – Right here. – On the low right. – Yeah, right there. – Does it go anywhere, like into your glutes, down your leg or is it just right there? – Just… Continue Reading Excruciating SCIATICA PAIN RELIEF Helped at Intero Chiropractic | Pleasanton, CA