I don’t know if Epic Reads normally has a lot of swearing, but today it does. Hello, we are the Try Guys. Today we’re here at Epic Reads, and we are going to be matching our personalities to young adult tropes, YA tropes, tropes, baby!>>YA are we doing this?>>[LAUGH] Well,… Continue Reading The Try Guys Match Their Personalities to YA Tropes | Epic Reads

♪ [music] ♪ – [Merel] Are you ready? – [Woman] Yes. – You can do it. – Yeah. – Okay. Okay. – So… – How much distress do you have right now on a scale from zero to 100? – Two hundred. – How do you feel that? It’s okay,… Continue Reading Self Treatment | A Cure For Fear: Part 4 | Topic

Oh my God! (laughing) look at his back dude the scratches look at my hands good morning Jake Paulers (whispering) It is super early right now so lets wake up Team 10 Good Morning everybody wake up time to have a good day hey how ya doing over here, Chance… Continue Reading 1 MILLION THUMBTACK PRANK ON NAKED ROOMMATE

– What else have you taken out of a dog’s stomach? – Underwear. Weird huh? – Underwear? Dog’s eat a lot of underwear. (light music) Hi, guys. – Hi. – How are you? – Good and you? – Good. – I’m Oscar. – Nice to meet you Oscar. – Alice.… Continue Reading Kids Meet a Pet Vet | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

it took two people to get me out of the skirt and back into the skirt I was in it I squooze in it but um yeah that’s we can’t we can’t do that ladies hi thanks for cooking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here… Continue Reading Fertility Meds Body Morph | The Meds Made Me Eat It

– Oh! (Patrick whines) – It ain’t gonna hurt, it ain’t gonna hurt. (lighthearted music) – This is Yidi, I work at BuzzFeed as a production coordinator. This is my husband Marty, who works as a chef. (voice whining rapidly) I was really impressed by this method. And now, we’re… Continue Reading Guys Get Their Dead Foot Skin Scraped Off

– So your hair’s adorable. I love it. It’s always different. It’s pink now. How long has it been pink? – It’s been pink for about a month. – Mm-hmm. – I just needed a change. I wanted some light around me. And you were my inspiration for the cut.… Continue Reading Nicole Richie Talks Cupping and Her Dad

– Would you wanna be in a wheelchair all the time? – No. – Yes. – Yes? – Then my feet would never get tired. – Never get tired. (cheerful music) Hi. – [Crystal] Hi. – My name is Amine. – It’s nice to meet you, Amine. I’m Crystal. –… Continue Reading Kids Meet a Guy with Muscular Dystrophy | Cut

it’s more on your right side now come back please yes that’s the medial knee right around ready okay well one to ten how much pain you have um I’m gonna treat the other way then the more I walk the more it gets I mean it gets unbearable at… Continue Reading Knee Pain- The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method