What will humans look like in 10,000 years? What about in 1 million years? Will we look like this guy? Probably not. But we’ll definitely look different than we do now. It took roughly 6 million years for humans to become what we are today. And modern humans have only… Continue Reading What If Our Bodies Kept Evolving?

A pinhead in Berlin In the last 40 years the capability of analytical chemistry has improved incredibly with hardly anyone noticing it. Let’s take a look back to the 1980s and consider a sugar cube that we dissolve in water. At that time, 30 years ago, this amount of substance… Continue Reading A needle in Berlin – the incredible advances in analytical chemistry

Next we will hear from the central person in the New Earth Center our vaidya Ayurvedic physician Dr. Kalyan Chakravarthy, M.D. Before he starts, I would like to tell you a word or two about him. Dr. Kalyan comes from a family that has been practising Ayurveda for several hundred… Continue Reading Dr. I. Kalyan Chakravarthy: Ayurveda