[Impact sound] Parts of the body. [slap] Liver. Where is your liver? Everyone show me where your liver is. How big is your liver? Okay. So, how are you going to target sombody’s liver, if you don’t know where it is, how big it is…? Find me some pictures of… Continue Reading BOXING BODY SHOTS

Today we’re going to talk about the neck nerves and fast fixes for shoulder pain. Part one. If you’re involved in any kind of athletic pursuit, fitness pursuit or life, one of the things that you’ll probably eventually deal with is shoulder pain. What we’re going to do today is… Continue Reading Shoulder Pain and Upper Body Nerve Flow Part 1

Matt: Come on, Chris! Time to get up! Come on. Chris: What? Matt: It’s another Monkey Monday, Chris. Chris: Is it? Matt: It is. It’s come round already. Chris: Well, that’s good. Matt: Hi, I’m Matt. Chris: I’m Chris. Matt: And we’re here today to talk about how you reduce… Continue Reading Season 2 | Episode 10 | How to reduce dips and improve pain points

body polishes are great exfoliating treatment that you can use from the neck down before shave your legs or to exfoliate your hands so you can use it in the shower or in the sink so we have a little demo that we did that I want to show you… Continue Reading How to Use the Lemongrass Spa Body Polish

The information in this video is new. Not all healthcare providers know about it yet. So please feel free to share this information with your child’s healthcare provider, too. Reduce the Pain of Vaccination in Kids and Teens A Guide for Parents It hurts. I don’t like it. The question… Continue Reading Reduce the pain of vaccination in children / Réduisez la douleur de la vaccination – Full Video

So you’re out and you’re enjoying your bike ride, or you’re enjoying your jog, and you’re trying to get fit. And your legs start to burn. They become painful. Is this a bad thing? Well, pain, as you know, is your body’s voice. And the pain is telling you that… Continue Reading Good Pain, Bad Pain, and the Difference

I started coming to Dr. Polucki after I got into a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and I don’t really like going to doctors just because you know sometimes, especially chiropractors, they just tend to crack you and they just leave you in more pain than… Continue Reading ASMR neck and shoulder relief at Santa Clarita wellness chiropractor.

Hello everybody ! My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to ‘Getting Over It’ with Bennet Foddy. I’ve calmed down.. I’ve relaxed. I’ve, gotten away from the game, and oddly enough, When I stopped playing after I was so angry, I actually started playing again. Just very casually because.. This… Continue Reading ANGUISH… SUFFERING… PAIN… | Getting Over It – Part 4

Momo’s buddy have you experienced your cat limp and You don’t know what to do? Continue to watch this video Don’t forget to support this channel by subscribing and turn on the notifications so you don’t miss other exciting videos like and share if you like the video and feel… Continue Reading Cara Menyembuhkan Kaki Kucing Keseleo – How To Treat Cat’s Sprained Ankle (Eng. Sub)

oh yeah yeah I know, go Gamecocks! hey everybody it’s doctor Jo and my twin Kali. we’re sporting the Gamecocks today. today we’re gonna show you my top seven moderate knee pain exercises. so let’s get started. So these exercises are at the moderate level. they’re still not high level… Continue Reading 7 Best Knee Pain Exercises (Moderate) – Ask Doctor Jo