And you’re making me go through this alone! Life is pain! I wake up every morning in pain. I go to work in pain. You know how many times I wanted to just give up? How many times I’ve thought about ending it?! That’s how people end up dead. And… Continue Reading Sad Multifandom || Life Is Pain

today I’ll be explaining to you what is isometric exercise and how you can maximize the exercise-induced pain relief Isometric exercise involves the muscle contracting while the joint angle is not moving for example to isometrically contract my biceps muscle I can hold on to a weight where my biceps… Continue Reading Isometric Contraction: How Isometric Exercise Induce Pain Relief (Tendinopathy Research)

Hi, I’m DeLaney Gabriel. I’m a holistic health practitioner in Santa Barbara, California, and I’m here with Al Sanchez, Jr. who is the owner, representative, CEO, everything, etcetera, etcetera, with POLY-MVA. And I’ve asked him kind of on short notice here because we’re at the Cancer Control Society meeting in… Continue Reading POLY-MVA for Cancer: Interview with CEO Al Sanchez Jr. – Holistic Cancer Treatment

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Hi today I am here with Ajmal we’re gonna make a slightly different video because he’s got heel pain and he speaks Mirpuri so I’m gonna speak Mirpuri and then I’ll put subtitles. Peace be upon you, peace be upon you too, how are you? Im well thank you, where… Continue Reading Punjabi Heel Pain! – Abid Hussain

[gasps] [laughing] Would you please stop bothering my kid? I wasn’t bothering him. I was… Just stop. [Arthur laughing] What? You think that’s funny? [continues laughing] [gagging] I’m sorry. I have a… [laughing] I’m sorry. [continues laughing] [woman exhales] [Arthur continues laughing] [music playing] [exhales] [Penny] Happy, did you check… Continue Reading JOKER 2019 ”Arthur’s Painful Life” Scene [4K] #CinematicMasterpieceOfTheCentury

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