Hi my name is Cailin O’Hara, and I am the founder of Sun Tree Healing Arts. In this video I’m going to talk to you about how we treat anxiety disorders here at Sun Tree and what you can expect. So my passion is working with mental and emotional health.… Continue Reading Anxiety Disorder Treatment with Acupuncture

Hello, my name is Darya McNolty. I’m a reflexologist and a massage therapist, here in Rutland, Vermont and today, I’m going to be showing you how to apply proper pressure points while giving reflexology. The way that the foot is laid out, the body is broken up into ten meridians.… Continue Reading Reflexology : Reflexology Pressure Points

To needle Pericardium 5 use a perpendicular insertion to a maximum depth of 1/2 cun If you find that a patient’s tendons are very close together you can use the guide tube to press gently but firmly onto the tendons which should then create a space with the needle

Hey YouTube what’s happening man? Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation Just wanted to give a real quick Intro to this video it’s unlike any other video I’ve done with loom it seems to be a lot easier to create videos on the fly supposed to be doing like screencasts and… Continue Reading Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation

And welcome to our first Youtube day we’re filming out of the Unbound studio in Southern, California in Orange County I’m here with two of the coolest hippest Acupuncture naturopathic doctors in the area isn’t that right yeah? Okay so I’m with Tina Yang and Suzanne Tang and Suzanne is… Continue Reading How does Acupuncture + Meditation help Stress?!

Day 13 of my water only fast. Coming out. Had a great night. Slept great. Beautiful view. Sunrise. Feeling pretty good today. Woke up this morning, feeling pretty good, no complaints. Actually feel, I think I feel better today this morning, than I did yesterday. So that’s a good thing.… Continue Reading Dr. Group’s Water Fast | Day 13 – Medically Supervised Fasting

Medicare Supplement Plan G, Medigap Plan G, Plan G, Plan N, Medigap Plan N In this video I am going to talk about Medicare supplement Plan G For most people turning 65, Medicare supplement Plan G offers the best value today. However, there are changes in the relationships between Medicare… Continue Reading Medicare Supplement Plan G vs F vs N (aka Medigap Plan G & What’s Changing?)

When people talk about detoxification, they normally think about a process that takes place in the intestinal tract. At least that’s what happens in the west. In the east however, especially in China, they think about detoxification differently. Based on theories rooted in acupuncture that teach that major nerve endings… Continue Reading Revive Tired Feet and Eliminate Toxins With This DIY Foot Detox Soak

I Know like a lot of couples who you’re trying to get pregnant and you feel like you’re doing everything right? You know, you’re working with a specialist. You’ve done all the tests You’re taking good quality supplements. You’ve changed your diet and you you’ve really optimized your health, you… Continue Reading How To Increase Fertility: This Turbo Boosts Your Fertility

Now in this clip we are going to talk about ways to massage and certain ways to increase the circulation of the lower legs to decrease the chances of getting the Restless Leg Syndrome or decrease the duration of the creepy crawly sensations that you experience traveling down the whole… Continue Reading How to Treat Restless Legs Syndrome : Massage Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome