– Welcome everybody to this beautiful room on this beautiful day. Thank you for coming. I’m Alan Tansman, director for the Townsend Center for the Humanities, and we’re here for this year’s endowed Avenali Lecture, and our lecturer and resident for this week is Christopher Bollas. In a few minutes,… Continue Reading Christopher Bollas: Mental Pain

Yeah, it’s always the question why, but… I feel more complete every time I have a session, you know. Everybody wants to look like how you see yourself, you know. For the Brutal Black project, the most important [thing] is the experience. It’s like a kind of rite of passage… Continue Reading The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

Okay everybody, now we are going to do threading the needle. This is the explanation and really this is all about how you set it up. You are going to hold your hand like this, kind of an L shape and I am going to take the rope and drape… Continue Reading How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Threading the Needle Magic Trick Revealed

Tattooers, you have been asking for membrane cartridges now they are coming out. Marc you want to tell us about it? Yes the dynasty membrane cartridge took a little longer but we used that time to improve the design and overcome some issues that others were having rather than rush… Continue Reading Membrane Tattoo Needle Cartridges | Dynasty by Needlejig Tattoo Supply

[ Background music ]>>This started out as a job and ended up to be a career path. When I first started working here, I didn’t think I’d be here after 31 years. It’s just turned into a career. An operator watches over the equipment and the process in a facility.… Continue Reading What does it take to be a water treatment plant operator?

Hey everyone, here is how I make pintucks using a twin needle. For this example, I’m showing how I apply them to the front of a bodice dress. If the pintuck is going from one seam to another seam, then I like to cut an oversized piece of fabric as… Continue Reading How to sew pintucks using a twin needle | Super easy technique

one of the great things about the eastwood.com website is that you can go to the website look up the product that you want to buy or that you have and download the piece sheet or product sheet which gives you recommendations from area let pressure to recoat windows even… Continue Reading Simple Tips For Painting A Car – HVLP Paint Gun Needle & Nozzles Explained – Eastwood

Yo, what’s up? Eric here from Precision Movement and in this video we’re going to go through three techniques for de quervain’s tenosynovitis that’s also known as texting thumb because a lot of people these days playing on the phones too much developing pain in this area of the thumb… Continue Reading 3 Techniques for De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis to Relieve Wrist & Thumb Pain

Addi Crasy Trio- the new flexible needle play What you see here in front of me is not an ill designed circular needle. This is the World Premiere of the Addi Crasy Trio! And because this is a World First and they are very special needles. I made sure that… Continue Reading Die Stricknadel – Neuheit addiCraSyTrio, das flexible Nadelspiel

– Hey it’s Dr. Gregg with Align Wellness Center here in Northbrook, Illinois. And today I wanted to go over with you one of the tips we found that can help some people who are going through a migraine. So if you’re having a migraine, or you know someone who… Continue Reading Using Ice For a Migraine — Get Rid of a Migraine Without Medicine