Wayne Kessler of Kessler Coaching We’re here with me Yi Luo of Eastway Acupuncture who has acupuncture offices in norwood mass in brookline mass here getting people now eighty eighty v v with the right here their friend instant medicine practices what services there’s your clinical are for for people… Continue Reading ADHD Treatment Alternatives to Medication,Interview with Yi Luo, Eastway Acupuncture

Hello again. I’m getting used to hopefully coming into your lives and sharing with you thoughts. I have been promoting Accu Weight-loss for over 20 years and as I got ready for this video the thought that I had was: after 20 years your successes still excite me and I… Continue Reading Speak be proactive.

With reflexology, we just want to be giving attention to the body and helping it to relax so that it can be ready and relaxed to get pregnant. Some of the areas you want to focus on, and this is for men and women, are the reproductive reflexes, certainly. So… Continue Reading 10 Techniques for Infertility | Reflexology

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– Hey kids! – Hey Uncle Eugene! – What are we doing today? – We are eating Indian food! – We’re going on an Indian food tour all throughout Los Angeles. Three restaurants, one special guest. – Wassup? – [All] Yay! – Thanks for having me guys. – Yeah, thanks… Continue Reading The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

– Hey guys. – [Keith] Today we’re at LaurDIY’s house, and what we are doing today? – [Lauren] Today we are doing 90s craft kits. – Oh no, I did it to your table. – You’re literally bedazzled to the table. – Oh no. (screaming) Oh no! (rock music) –… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try 90s Crafts ft. LaurDIY

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(zipper) – Oh – Today, we’re trying ASMR. Make a soundscape. – It’s sound that makes you feel good. Everybody likes good feel good sound. (beads jingling softly) – Oh, yeah. – And we’re gonna do this entire video in ASMR. – We’re just gonna whisper all video. (guttural vocalizations)… Continue Reading The Try Guys Ruin ASMR ft. ASMR Darling

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BROOKE: Tell me when. CAMERA: You go ahead when you’re ready. BROOKE: Alright, so this tutorial is gonna be on rib release um it’s a big thing that clients are very impressed with, so— and it’s super easy and it’s going to be kind of a quick training so if… Continue Reading Chair Massage: Rib Release Techniques for Rib Pain