Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy’s YouTube Channel. Today we’re going to go over something we call Thread the Needle. It’s a thoracic rotation also a thoracic and lower trap strengthening activity you can look back through our channel and find a couple of different activities to help on just… Continue Reading Stretch for Stiff Neck and Back – Thread the Needle

Girl, Do you want it What do you want I’ll give it to you, girl I’ll show you my sincerity ya body my body We’ll love it, We’ll love it Oh shit, don’t say anything Don’t get me wrong but Your skin is so soft Tonight, I’ll get you like… Continue Reading [MV] San E(산이) _ Body Language (Feat. BUMKEY(범키))

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Translator: Arvind Patil Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Is modern medicine killing you? Or saving you? The very idea that we should have to ask that kind of question is so upsetting to me as a doctor. I was called to medicine the way many are called to the priesthood, as a… Continue Reading Is medicine killing you? Lissa Rankin, MD at TEDxFargo

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hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today I have a special guest with me Doctor Jen, and we’re gonna talk about low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. so let’s get started. so Doctor Jen specializes in the pelvic floor. so this is awesome, that’s why she’s special. she’s actually… Continue Reading 5 Best Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo