hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today we are doing a yin yoga practice for the upper body so if you’re new to the term Yin if you’re new to my channel it just means that we hold each pose for a little bit of… Continue Reading Yin Yoga For Flexibility | Upper Body | Flexibility Series Day 3

Hey, are achy joints and inflammation keeping you from training tough and doing the things you love? If not, skip this. I won’t be hurt. If so though you may be interested in this awesome gift to yourself that can take you from achy hell back to yes. Whether from… Continue Reading Foot Pain Relief | Compression Socks | CopperJoint

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Hi today I am here with Ajmal we’re gonna make a slightly different video because he’s got heel pain and he speaks Mirpuri so I’m gonna speak Mirpuri and then I’ll put subtitles. Peace be upon you, peace be upon you too, how are you? Im well thank you, where… Continue Reading Punjabi Heel Pain! – Abid Hussain

In an acute groin strain, it is recommended to place ice on the injured area. When you can stretch pain free, try the butterfly stretch. You can intensify the stretch by pushing down the knees.  Hold for 20-30 seconds and perform 3-4 sets.  Be careful not to over stretch. Place… Continue Reading Top Treatments for a Pulled Groin – Groin Strain Exercises

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Hi, Dr Rowe here at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI. In this quick video, I want to go over a common question I get from patients, which is: are there any tips that can help me while trying to sleep with sciatica? So in this video, I want give some… Continue Reading Best Position to Sleep with Sciatica Pain Shown by St. Joseph MI Chiropractor

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– Hi I’m PDSA Vet Nurse Kristiana and today I’m going to show you how to apply a spot on flea treatment on your dog. (upbeat electronic music) For some brands, there may be a seal. Refer to the package instructions on how to open this. With the pipette in… Continue Reading How To Apply A Spot On Flea Treatment To Your Dog: PDSA Petwise Pet Health Hub