I WAS BORED SO I MADE SUBTITLES ʸᵒᵘ’ʳᵉ ᵈᵉad to ME Here one minute, gone the next There’s no heart beating inside your chest Has vanished Into thin air Never to be seen again Never to be seen again Never to be seen again- música ɐɔᴉsúɯ Lick my lips as… Continue Reading (Mix) Migraine + HAY – NCS / Ellis + Clarx

. (yelling) Oh god. (yelling) (heavy breathing) My name is Diana Kamin and I’m the curator of “Xavier Cha: Body Drama.” Viewers who enter “Body Drama” encounter either the live performance or a projected video. During the periods of live performance, an actor is moving through the space wearing an… Continue Reading Xavier Cha: Body Drama

Alright Operative Josh. You’re about to enter a team meeting. Your mission is to engage your coworkers like a team leader. Alright here comes the team. Approach them first with a handshake to show them you’re assertive. Be careful! You’re starting to lose face out there. Keep your head held… Continue Reading How To Be a Team Leader using Body Language

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m gonna show you my top 5 neck exercises. So let’s get started. Some of you have asked, do I need to warm up before I start exercises. And, yes, that’s a great way to kind of get the muscles loosened up and… Continue Reading Top 5 Neck Pain Relief Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

You can do thread the needle in standing, so there are no excuses, you don’t need to be on the floor to do this. You’re aiming your upper hand to go all the way up to the ceiling or the sky and you’re using this arm that’s on the leg,… Continue Reading Try Thread the Needle in Standing

So I think something almost everybody can relate to is the mismatch that we all experience between objective time and subjective time. So everybody’s familiar with this notion that “time flies when you’re having fun” or “a watched pot never boils”. When you’re tightly engaged in a task, or where… Continue Reading Time Paradox: Why Pleasure Is Fleeting and Pain Endures | Dean Buonomano

Is that your parents’? No, my aunt’s. Oh, your aunt’s, where’s your aunt at? On her way [inaudible] Oh, she’s coming back? Cool. Do me a favor: Take a deep breath and blow into that, alright. Alright, do me a favor, try one more time, deep breath, don’t go so… Continue Reading Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman’s violent arrest at beach (Full video)

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna show you some knee and hip exercises in a seated position. So if you’re not quite ready for standing and you’ve already graduated from the lying down, these are for you. Let’s get started. The first exercise is gonna be for knee… Continue Reading Hip Pain & Knee Pain Exercises, Seated – Ask Doctor Jo

A pain coping technique that is extremely effective, and that everyone can do, is deep breathing. This is also called abdominal breathing, or yoga breathing, so if you do yoga, you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t do yoga, it’s really easy to learn, and everyone can… Continue Reading Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Deep Breathing

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about back flexion exercises and stretches, so today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off with the back flexion stretches. So what I’m gonna have you do is I’m gonna have you roll over onto… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Back Flexion Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo