So today we will talk about integrative therapy for Sjogren’s Syndrome. This is the protocol which was developed in our clinic which is Institute for Specialized Medicine together with Gluten Free Remedies. As most of you know Sjogren’s Syndrome is the most common autoimmune disease affecting humans and specifically the… Continue Reading The Ultimate Natural Solution for Sjogren’s Syndrome

You are going to love this. First you need a firm ball – Tennis ball, Lacrosse ball, trigger point ball etc. Place the ball as shown into your upper traps bulk which is right between he top of your shoulder blade and your neck/spine Now lift your arm on the… Continue Reading Myofascial Release: Tight Neck and Shoulder Self Treatment

Hi guys! Alright, hopping on this morning to to talk about essential oils. Yay! I love this topic. I use oils every day and I have really intensely for the last three years when I first got hit with vestibular neuritis. I was looking for a holistic support system and… Continue Reading Vestibular Migraines: How I use Essential Oils [beauty tricks, holistic support] #vestibularmigraine

Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney. Today we are going to focus on alternative medicine and treatments for kidney disease, like Ayurveda, acupuncture, holistic medicine and herbal remedies. And I know that a lot of people turn up their noses at home remedies and other forms of alternative medicine,… Continue Reading Alternative Medicine for Kidney Disease – 5 Shocking Facts You NEED to Know Ayurveda, Acupuncture

– Supported decision making is a way to support people, so that they can make decisions by picking supporters that they trust on particular topics. – Supported decision making is an alternative to guardianship, where a person with a disability can get assistance from a relative, a friend, or anyone… Continue Reading Supported Decision Making in Health Care & Medical Treatment Decisions

Hallelujah! Clap loudly for Him! Amen! You may be seated. It is good for the children of God to be well aware and informed. Amen! Hallelujah! Regarding the spiritual things. Because many times, things happen in front of our bare eyes and though we are children of God, we still… Continue Reading Τα Σκοτεινά Μυστικά Του Ρέικι ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΠΤΟΝΤΑΙ!!! (ΠΛΗΡΕΣ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

Hi guys! So, this month marks three years since vestibular neuritis hit, which triggered vestibular migraines. The first year was a world of hell… 24/7 symptoms… It’s such a drastic place from where I am today. Most days I don’t experience symptoms anymore. I have had three attacks in the… Continue Reading Vestibular Neuritis/Migraine: My Greatest Tip [hint: experience life again] #vestibularmigraines

Je ne sais pas pour vous mais aller chez le docteur et particulièrement le spécialiste une fois tous les trois mois pour une visite qui va déterminer la suite pour les 3, 6 mois voire plus, personnellement je trouve ça assez stressant. J’aime bien avoir tout sous contrôle et je… Continue Reading Migraine Buddy : Comment préparer au mieux sa visite chez le médecin ?