My name is dr Mirjana Zivanov. Today I will talk about polarities in homeopathy. The whole world, everything that surrounds us is a result of a never ending dynamism between polarities, pairs of opposites that complete one another creating Oneness. One of the greatest achievements of our civilization is the… Continue Reading Homeopathy – The Theory of Primordial Essence by Dr Mirjana Živanov – Introductory Lecture

The team work in our Homeopathic practice has resulted in thousands of successfully treated chronic homeopathic cases. We work with all kinds of cases, patients of any ages and pathology. We have successfully treated newborns, babies, adults, elderly people, pregnant women, plants and animals. Successful treatments of babies and animals… Continue Reading Dr Mirjana Zivanov: Homeopatija (Beograd, 18.04.2013.)