In this segment I’m going to teach about,
needle at sea bottom. And I’ll put almost like a little bit of disclaimer on this one,
that I know that this is not really a traditional way of performing this posture, but it is
the way that we do here at our school. So coming from brush knee, we take our half step
forward, and turn to our left; we turn to the left, drop the one hand, as if we’re going
to go into another brush knee movement, coming around with the hands; but where it changes
into needle at sea bottom, is we sink the body and turn to the front, keeping the weight
on the back leg. Now the right hand goes shooting up to the sky, be very careful not to reach,
when you do this, just very natural; in the mind the fingertips are pushing the sky; at
the same time the left hand is touching down, the left toe is touching the center of the
earth. Now we sit down, and as we do that, our wrist relaxes, so that the fingertips
come downward, we sit down and we fold at the waist, pushing down with the left palm,
coming down with the fingertips. It is totally okay to bend this knee a little bit. However,
do not bring your weight forward, as that will take your whole center of gravity forward.
So it’s very important here, it’s okay to bend the knee a little bit, and it’s also
okay to just fold this much. But what’s important is, keep your center of gravity over the back
leg. So it really depends on your own flexibility level.

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