– Here we go, (gasps and laughs). (t.v. best pattern beep)
What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday vlog. Now for today’s video,
I’m definitely stepping outside my comfort zone,
just kinda going for it, and today I’m going to
be tasting Mexican candy, and this is something
that a lot of you guys have been asking me to do. I just got in my shipment of all my Mexican candy that I ordered. Oh my gosh, this is heavy. So yeah, there’s a lot of different, crazy looking candies in
here, like all this stuff. I’m also in a a huge giveaway
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I say we jump right in to the taste testing
Mexican candies video. Seamless. All right to kick it off,
I’m going to be starting with this one right here, and
to be honest with you guys, it kind of looks like poop on a spoon, so hopefully it tastes
better than poop on a spoon. All right, so right off
the bat these spoons… (bag falls) Oh well, (laughs) they’re
looking rather sketchy ’cause they’ve got like
this plastic bag on them with a little rubber band,
and then it’s just stuff on a plastic spoon, so this is looking rather (mumbles) right now. (bag snaps) Okay, all right guys, so
cheers, let’s see how this goes. Hmm (lips smacking) It started off kinda good, and then (exhales), I
don’t know what happened. Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s not… It’s not a favorite of
mine, that’s for sure, so let’s whoo (laughs),
there’s some serious aftertaste in this one. Next up is something called Slaps. So basically it’s just like a lollipop. It like a leaf. It looks like a leaf lollipop. Now it is called a slap, so I guess I have to try it out, so let’s see here. (slaps face) Ow! I don’t know how to do
this (crunches candy). Ho, wow, this is really crazy. (laughs) I don’t know how to eat this. I don’t know, ah, oh. They’re actually not bad. They’re kinda like green apple flavor I guess you could say, but
these are actually pretty good. All right for this next one,
I’m a little bit concerned. Don’t even wanna comment
(laughs) on what this looks like, but we’re gonna open it up. This thing appears to be a pump, so I don’t know if you’re
supposed to pump it all in your mouth all at once,
but we’re gonna go for it. (gulps and gasps) (screeches) (exhales rapidly) (cries) (whimpers) What on earth is this stuff? It’s like spicy hmmm. It’s got like this really
bizarre aftertaste to it as well. So I really want to get that taste out of my mouth right
now, so I’m going to try these things right here,
which they’re green, and they look colorful, and
there’s a dude on them waving. Do you push like this? I think you have to take this off. How do you get this off? (jar clicks) There we go, all right. Hmm, so apparently if
you push down like this, it’s (laughs) what? Let’s see (grunts). All right, so let’s see here. On my gosh, look at this, it’s
just undulating out of it. So you know the stuff that I tried before, like the spoon stuff here? It seems like it’s the exact same stuff. Not a big fan overall of
the taste of this stuff, but overall it gets style points for just how fun it is to get out so whoo. So this little thing here, there’s like a lemon dude on the
outside, he’s like this big, muscular guy going like this. And then do you dump it in your mouth? I don’t know. We’ll give it a shot. (inhales heavily) (spits loudly) It’s look like for real
in an emergency right now. Woo hoo, it’s like salt. It’s like literally salt. Everything about me feels
dry right now (smacks lips). It’s like I bit into 12 lemons at once. Next up is something called Tama Roca. Let’s see, ooh wow. These are like massive
lollipops it appears. That’s kind of interesting. I’m gonna take a nibble of
it first to give it a shot. That’s weird, it’s chewy. Yeah, you gotta take a bite out of it, so I like this one though. This one’s tasty, so this
one gets a thumbs up. I like it. So next up is this little one right here, and if you guys can see, it looks like a little pudding almost. Let’s give this a shot. Hmmm, (laughs) I like this one a lot. Next up, I’m taking a big chance, and I’m going with another
pump looking thing (laughs), and hopefully this tastes different. It’s got a little squirt
nozzle thing on it, so let’s give this a shot, let’s see. Oh my God, (laughs). (exhales rapidly) Hmm, uh uh (gags). This is just like the spicier, more potent version of this stuff. So I think as a general rule of thumb, anything that has a pump form on it, not for Collins, not for Collins (laughs). And now for the biggest bag of them all which basically just contains
a whole bunch of little ones in there but shh, no one has to know. This is another push
contraption, and it looks like it’s made out of the
same turd looking fruit, so it seems to be very popular,
that turd looking fruit. It just tastes kinda crazy,
kinda like a turd a little bit. Let’s see, okay here we go. Ooh, yeah, no, no, hmm uh, huh uh. Don’t, don’t like it. I’ve saved the best for
last, or in this case I think the most interesting for last. It’s called Salsaghetti, and this appears to be a spaghetti candy. You’ve got the spaghetti
noodles right here, and then you have the
sauce, and this sauce, and even on the packaging
they have the sauce coming out of one of the
those pump contraptions (clears throat) that
I love so very dearly. So let’s give the Salsaghetti a shot. We’re gonna put the sauce on right now. Hmm, looks delicious. And I’m not really good
when it comes to moderation, so instead of taking one noodle at a time, let’s just go all the way, we’re going for all of them at once. Here we go. Okay, (laughs) The noodles themselves… Okay, ugh, whoa. Okay (laughs), so the noodles
themselves are not bad. The sauce it just adds that extra hmmm, it’s just like so powerful. It’s very spicy, but ow
(laughs), why did I do that? Forgot it was on my thumb,
it’s more of the sauce. My eyes are starting to water, but yeah, that’s it for this week’s video. If you guys enjoyed me testing out all the different, crazy candies, let me know by giving this
video a big thumbs up, and also comment down below (laughs), what are some other crazy candies, or crazy foods you would
love to have me try out in an upcoming video, and share this video with your friends if you
want me to make even more of these testing out crazy
foods and crazy products. And now I don’t mean to
offend anyone with this video. I know there’s a lot of people out there who love these candies, just
for me, I wasn’t expecting so much spiciness to be
happening inside these seemingly sweet, innocent looking candies. Like I said, I’m doing a huge giveaway on my channel right now. I’m giving away an iPhone,
GoPro, Instax camera, so if you guys want all
the details to that, just check out the video right over there, like this video, comment down below, subscribe to this
channel to be entered in. I love you guys so much, and I will see you again next Thursday, bye. (snaps)

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