100 thoughts on “Tattoo Artist Vs. Painter: Body Paint Challenge”

  1. I absolutely love how much fun Denise had! I would totally love to have a tattoo done by her! She’s great!

  2. The painter should not call herself an artist, shame on you from someone who can actually paint and draw.

  3. Next time take some real painter – not one who works ‘on and off and do only abstract’ – I’m sorry but I consider myself a professional painter and I do this since I remember, professional since 14 years and from my experience people who only do abstract very often fail in basic like anatomy and creativity. In past artist need have basic like anatomy realistic painting or perfect level and then they go for abstract art…. nowadays person who just hold the brush shout “I’m an artist….”

  4. I am really sorry, but I am 15 i Do Bodypainting since like… One or two years and i can Do much better then the Painter.

  5. Dude… The tattoo artist literally created an entire SCENE. Now we know who the REAL artist is.

    Like she didn't even do remotely ANYTHING abstract. It was literal rolling my eyes into the next dimension

  6. 2:43
    The way she just casually licks paint like it was sweets and shrugged like there wasn't enough sugar!!!
    Hahahhahahahaa lol

  7. Bruh….if I were the artist I would draw a lady with glowing eyes and hair flowing in the wind….maybe she can be a witch or something….but something this simple in the vid 🤔 doesn't right……I draw myself (digitally but my style is semi realism) like buzzfeed you good?

  8. It's not fair to judge an artist ability with this one video.. yes, the tattoo artist is amazing and basically slay the whole thing. But you guys shud cut the painter some slack, go see her art account. Her artwork are beautiful and amazing!!

  9. I mean a tattoo artist is basically a painter that also possesses technical skills to etch the paintings into human skin…

  10. The tattoo artist did it so good that she let the painter quit her love for art again and hopes she will love it again on and off for another 10 years. 🤭

  11. So a passionate tattoo artist 8 years consistently, and a glorified arts and crafts house wife who occasionally dabbles with painting over 10 years, seems like a fair contest…

  12. I saw abstarct painters like children playing with paints
    Annnnd i saw her Instagram, yep, painter like YouTube vidéo with liquide and canvas to do space… " painters" "PAINTERS"

  13. The Tattoo artist was amazing, she has some made skills, I'm really sorry but the other lady was, let's say…. not even in the same post code.

  14. She's an abstract painter my arse!
    Her so-called "painting" is of junior high level (not to say kindergarden or primary school)!
    And the fact that the canvas is human skin and its surphace has curves doesn't excuse her poor attempt with the brush other than displaying an obvious lack of talent…
    But hey I guess nowadays everyone is an "artist" just as long as they can differenciate the pallet of colours and the mere splashing of random patterns is called "art"…
    God how I miss the old school great master painters!
    STILL I prefer the work of the tattoo artist anyday since we can't have another Caravaggio!
    Why do I even watch this kind of videos?
    Why do I torture myself?
    I am going to listen to Mozart's Lacrimosa now!

  15. When she said "abstract with oil paint", I knew she would be murdered. No offense but I do abstract too, but body paint…

  16. If I was the painter I would have wrote *Wingardiamlivosa or *Crucio and painted it in a fancy script with some color background flowing with the words coming out of a wand. BOOM, I'm not even an artist.

  17. I’m so confused how is she a painter and did something that I can do , and trust me I’m no painter at all, cool idea but bad interpretation

  18. When shen said that she was doing an abstract and not worry about lines and details, I was sure the tatoo artist had won already.

  19. I can't 😂 are you fr? A magic wand? She can expand her imagination more damn Why is this in my recommendation

  20. See this is why I personally dislike abstract shiz and even in art classes they force people to be more "abstract" and it makes me mad like- how abt i develope some ACTUAL SKILLS and THEN I can explore different types sigh
    if theres one person whos abstract work i like is flora yuknovich check her insta!

  21. 10 years painting and the first thing that came to her creative mind when magic is mentioned was a wand

  22. I thought the painter was mixing colours on the bottom of her arm, like the whole time I was waiting for her to start… then the time was up and I was like… OHHHH… OKAY… totally abstract… definitely blown away 🙂

  23. WAIT I JUST HAVE TO POINT OUT! 2:47 LMFAO. The girl on the left just tasted her brush omfg and was like "meh."

  24. honestly they did the painter dirty because she said she had never worked with body paints before and she also said she works with oil paints;
    those are two completely different mediums by a long shot.

    And also creativity doesn't come with a snap of the fingers, it takes time to figure out a good idea for some people

  25. The theme should be more detailed… its not fair to compare abstract with pictures (but the painters one… sry……… im not saying anything)

  26. This is not fair, because the tattoo artist is used to draw on skin and also the theme is something that she usually does. I don’t think this was a good way to compare their work.

  27. its so nice at the start when the tattoo artist have the lower voice and then they reveal the theme and her pitch goes up with the smile in her face it was just precious

  28. Not to be mean, but didn't the painter said she had 10 years of experience? How come you only be able to paint a magic wand with sparkles and in a very reduced area of the arm?

  29. Y’all should check out the painters Instagram , she actually paints really good and she does abstract stuff .

  30. Okay but to be fair the painter normally works with oil paints which dont function like body paint at all and she didnt know what to do with them
    AND the tattoo artist is a professional, and while the painter "professionally sells her art" on etsy. That doesnt really make her a professional shes more of a hobbyist so I felt like that wasnt really fair to her at all

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