This summer on Twin Cities Live, we put the call out for someone who wanted to win a cosmetic acupuncture package from Healing InSight in St. Paul. So both my mom and I had amazing results. I loved this, and Healing InSight owner Senia Mae wanted to gift this service to someone who was really looking for a whole body transformation. The winner, Cottage Grove mom and grandma Patty Storby – Hey, Patty! – she was chosen a few months ago. Oooo! The incredible results are in. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelly Hanson has the story in today’s “Be Well With TCL.” We met 62 year old Patty Storby earlier this summer, only a few appointments in, at Healing InSight. The last time I didn’t want to go home and so I got to stay a little while longer. She’s in the sweet spot with her age. Women who are in their mid- 50s to mid-60’s, tend to get the most dramatic results from cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture works by stimulating specific acupuncture points on the face to generate collagen and elastin. So you get this natural facelift, but then we can work on very specific areas of your skin that you’re concerned about, and target those areas. Patty and Senia agree – even after her first visit, something had changed. My skin just seemed to have a little bit of a glow. What I notice is her skin tightened up and then the bags under her eyes went down, and that’s pretty common because “bags” is usually due to digestive issues or food that you’ve been eating, and so it’s kind of easier to flush that out and have an immediate change from that. Patty has never had work done and doesn’t want to look it, either. Instead, she wants to feel as good on the outside as she does on the inside. Like I want to look like I came back back from a vacation back in like 2000. Bags under her eyes, kind of lines around her eyes, between them, you know, tightening up her jawline, smoothing out above her lips, lifting her cheeks – I mean she’s really gonna have some some impressive results, I think. Eight weeks later, I get a first look at her results. Patty – wait! Three, two, one – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, whoa, oh my gosh- The tone and texture of your skin is totally different. Yeah, oh my gosh… Patty’s husband Steve considers himself one lucky guy: I see this table by the window, and just at first I go, “There’s a cute gal, sitting at the table.” And then go, “Wait a minute – that’s that’s my wife!” And I thought, “Yeah, how lucky am I?” I just can’t believe the difference. I can’t. I’m so glad I came. I’m so glad I came. What a wonderful thing. How wonderful for us. That makes me so happy. Senia Mae is here. Can we just look at the before and afters, OK, because those are really impressive. Unbelievable. Okay, so talk about what we’re seeing here, Senia. Describe the major differences that you see. So look at her cheeks. Everything just got lifted up, and look at the side of her eyes – the lines smooth out so much, like her crow’s feet. I mean, in that picture they’ve almost disappeared. It’s absolutely amazing. Her eyes also look so much brighter. I mean, you look at sort of like the little discoloration underneath her eyes that is virtually gone. And look at how she looks so much peppier in that picture, even though she’s staring straight ahead. She kind of got a little bit of life back, and her energy perked up. It’s almost like the light on the inside gets turned back on. Yeah, exactly. That is incredible. Now in addition to getting cosmetic acupuncture, one way that you will see clients who come through and have results that are accelerated, is by implementing some skincare regimen and changing up their diet as well. Absolutely, because it’s not just about sticking needles in your face and just doing a skin procedure. It’s about whole body wellness so we do whole body acupuncture. But we also give dietary advice, and then look at people’s skin care routine. So what helped her, in terms of her diet? Were there a couple things that you cut back on a little bit? Biggest thing for her was she had a lot of puffiness under her eyes and it’s kind of causing her cheeks to sag, and so I had her cut back on dairy, and they made an instant difference for her. Sugar as well. She actually had frosting one day when she was at a party, and the next day you could see it in her skin, like everything puffed up after that. Okay, that’s really really incredible. Okay, let’s talk about this holistic treatment, then, mentality that you touched on, where it’s about making you feel better, too. So what did she see, and how does it all work? Right, and so for her, she said, “I don’t feel like I’m 62 and so I don’t want to look like I am anymore.” And yet at the same time, when we did this whole body acupuncture for her, it brightened her up. She was much more lively, she had more energy ,she was able to do more stuff with her husband. It kind of gave her a new lease on life. It was really fun to watch her transform. That’s the fun thing about going in for this, because you lay down and you talk to Senia, and she does all the needles in your face, but you’re also having a conversation about, like, “Oh I’m feeling like a little allergy this,” or “I’m feeling a little fatigued…” Or not sleeping very well, and that’s gonna show up in your skin if you’re super stressed out by everything you’re worried about – acupuncture takes that away. And then you can add different needles in other places that can help just boost those things. She’s like a mad scientist. I want to talk quickly about a bonus contest winner. Her name is Kate. So Kate lost her husband, sadly, three years ago, and there she is, raising two small kids. And Kate sort of couldn’t believe the impact that grief and stress and sadness had on the way that she felt she looked. So what did you do for Kate? It’s a perfect example of how if you’re not feeling very well how it can show up in your skin. So we really worked on boosting her Chi back. We wanted her energy to come back, we wanted her lung energy to be stronger, and look at the transformation that she got. It’s absolutely unbelievable I mean she looks ten years younger. Boy that is really incredible, and so she’s someone that, her entry came in and you just couldn’t say no to her, so you had to do a little help for her as well. Our hearts were so touched by her story. And thinking about that when it comes to grief and how it shows up on you and how then, again, looking at your whole body can make such a big difference. This is great, Senia. Here’s what I’ve noticed too, is that after cosmetic acupuncture it’s not like, “Whoa! You got work done!” It’s like, “Wow, you look different, you look there’s like the light is on.” “You look good!” Use the promo code FEELYOUNGER, and you will get $100 off a cosmetic acupuncture package, plus a free eye serum at Healing InSight in Saint Paul. Yyou can head to for details, and a big thanks to Healing InSight for sponsoring our show.

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