– Doctors couldn’t
explain what was going on with 16-year-old Haley’s symptoms. They even suggested the
shooting ache in her rib, that was a teenager’s cry for attention. But the cause of her pain
was far from imaginary. It was 100% real. – I started swim lessons when
I was about 18 months old. I started to really take it seriously. I had been a competitive swimmer. It’s been about a year
and a half ago, I had this really sharp pain on my left side and they just became
closer and closer together. – We took her to the doctor. Her doctor thought it was overuse. So, she prescribed a couple weeks of rest, stay outta the pool. She didn’t get any better. – I was going from doctor to doctor and nothing was working. – In one of these doctor’s appointments, I actually became quite upset. The doctor was suggesting
that this was in her head. – Six months from the time
when I got my first pain, I stopped swimming completely. I did not know if I was
going to be able to get back in the pool ever again. – [Beth] It was just
really hard as a parent to watch your kid be in pain and not be able to do anything about it. – [Haley] Things that you
would think are simple became very hard, like
carrying my backpack, using a hair dryer. – I just took her on a walk
through the neighborhood. She fell behind me and she’s got tears streaming down her face. She said, “I can’t breathe.” – We made an appointment
and the doctor said, “I think it’s Slipping Rib.” – Beth was on the web
searching slipping rib syndrome and she found Doctor McMahon. – And I pulled up a case
study that was on her website and you could’ve inserted Haley’s name. – After a year of pain and
confusing doctor’s appointments, I finally had hope that
there was a treatment for me.

100 thoughts on “Teenagers Mysterious Pain Finally Diagnosed as Slipping Rib Syndrome”

  1. Before I start watching this I saw the words pain and rib and that's what I've been experiencing so after this I'm going to the hospital to check

  2. I have the same problem and I’ve been to a couple doctors and they all gave false advice. This hurts almost constantly like stretching or bending down :<

  3. Omg the same happens to me but with long distance swimming [ im very competitive to ]

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets random pains in their ribs 😅 I know I don’t have this weird syndrome or whatever. I just get these pains maybe once every month, it’s not a big deal. I just thought I was some weird freak of nature for a having sharp pains in my ribs 😂

  5. Oh my god this explains the extreme shooting pains in MY left rib. I swear to god I have the exact same thing and will start researching Immediately

  6. Me: Mom my arm got cut off Mom oh you're fine 2 hours later mommy I got a booboo on my finger I'm honey are you OK are you OK honey I'm gonna love you so much

  7. Going through the same i also have the same syndrome and i get told tbe same story every fucking time thats in my fucking head and me getting extremely mad about it doesnt help at all all of them act like im fucking insane i live in holland where nobody knows about this syndromd ive been having the same symptoms over a year im always tired i cant breath like really cant breath and people act like im crazy

  8. I have this pain!! but its not constant it comes and goes this might is giving me relief because I know that its not me needing my appendix out

  9. Both I and my mother have suffered with this all our lives, when the ribs slip out it's crippling, hard to breathe, painful to move, like someone's slipped a knife between them. The doctors still don't take this seriously. They still don't recognise this as a medical issue, and there's no support for it. I'm almost jealous that they're so catering to you when we've been turned away so many times, but it's good to know some people are getting the support.

  10. I friggin hate it when a group of people are telling you that your sickness is stress, anxiety, you made it up, or it’s all in your head. I’ve had a sore throat for 6 years about and I’ve been to doctor after doctor and they could find nothing wrong. Now everyone is telling me it’s anxiety. I’m on medicine for my anxiety and I don’t feel any better. I just wish people would understand that teens don’t make everything up for attention.

  11. Wait wtf I’m also a competitive swimmer and I very occasionally get these extreme pains on my sides too welp I’m fucked

  12. My daughter suffered for years with countless symptoms. I went from doctor to doctor seeking answers, and got NO help what so ever from the army of doctors I took her to see. After spending countless hours on the internet some times getting two or three hours of sleep I stumbled on a site about gluten intolerance. I looked up the symptoms and if there were fifty symptoms she had about forty of them. It was very hard to tell my nine year old at the time she could no longer eat pizza or anything containing gluten, but to my surprise she took it very well. I guess suffering all of her young life like she had giving up gluten was a small price to pay, so she was more than happy to stop if it meant no more pain. Because she went so long not digesting her food properly, she now have very thin tooth enamel, which causes her some dental issues. A couple of the jerks I took her to see, also tried to convince me that she just wanted attention. I can remember when she was five and eating a pizza she suddenly started screaming to the top of her voice "help me mommy please help me my head hurts so bad." I rush her to the hospital where they did a lot of test and of course they found nothing. Luckily we now have the internet and far too often have to be our own doctor, because when they run all the test they know to run and everything says you are healthy then clearly it must be your imagination.

  13. I’m actually pretty scared myself now because I also have pain at the left side of my rib from time to time but it wasn’t as severe.😰😰😱

  14. I'm a teenager, and yes we make up a lot of shit for attention, I mean there are teens that are cutting themselves for attention, whats that telling you?

  15. Teens do not ignore pain. Even when doctors try to say it's all in your head. I was sick for years before I was finally diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I'm lucky to be alive. All because doctors failed to do the proper tests. Never ignore your body. If something is wrong fight to make sure the right diagnosis is found.


  17. "just a teenager cry for attention" yeah don't treat teenagers like toddlers that's really disrespectful. I think mid life adults and boomers with high paying jobs should stop being such highfalutin snobs to people all the time.

  18. Hi Hailey,

    I’m so glad you and your parents kept on fighting! I was diagnosed with this after a car accident and the pain is unbearable. Not to mention, the inability to do the simplest things as you mentioned. I saw another story where you had the surgery and I hope it’s still under control. I haven’t discussed it yet with my doctor as I am hoping to avoid it.
    I wish you the very best and pray it never comes back for you.
    You’re in my thoughts!

  19. I remember having a terrible pain that started from my back and all the way down to my right arm and tip of my fingers, went to the local clinic 3 time, each time a different doctor, they all checked and didn't find anything and gave me some useless pill in hope it will help, when it didn't work, they checked my medical history for clues and saw I have a history of mental illnesses and depression, and immediately suggested that it's either my imagination or some kind of pill that I take (I don't take any pills – I've been offered but never acted on it). at the end I demanded to be forwarded to the hospital, at first the doctor refused, but when I let her know that I ain't moving anywhere until I have the a printed referral to the hospital, she decided to do it as a 'favor'. Guess what? at the hospital, within 10 minutes of check-up they discovered I have a serious case of tensed back-muscle what shoot the pain all the way down my arm, and the answer? a freaking massage!
    If the doctors can't find it, do not assume it's an imaginative client or crying for attention! admit, I don't know and forward to a different doctor that might find what it is!

  20. My ribs and chest hurt too it’s like a stab that stays for a few seconds then goes away. But urs is obviously wayyyy worse

  21. I have blood tests and doctors appointments because I've stopped being able to eat. Any food makes me nauseous and eating makes me full of gas. I also get a lot of head rush. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong other than a vitamin d deficiency so they're sending me to a physiologist and dietitian. Can't they see I'm not making it up


  23. I feel bad that it took her so long to be diagnosed. I had this when I was 19. I went to my family doctor and he knew what it was right away!

  24. It upsets me to know that her doctor just thought she was making it up.
    I had a breathing issue, ( I still have it but I’ve been able to find out the issue and how to help it whenever it happens ) but it took a long time to figure out what the problem was. I don’t dislike my doctor, but she wasn’t much of a help in this situation… She prescribed me an inhaler because she thought it was asthma, she told me that it was linked to anxiety, ( I do have social anxiety, but it was happening it random times even when I was alone ) and then she told me that there was no problem. Finally I was told to see a lung specialist and he was quickly able to figure out the issue. But like I said, I never want to hear about people being told by their doctor that there is no problem, or even worse, that they are making it up; because I was in that situation and I know how helpless and hopeless you feel when they tell you that.

  25. There was this one time I kept having seizures and when I got help I pulled right out of it and the doctors and school believed I was faking it. I suggested maybe the reason. Why I was having those seizures were because of an ovarian cyst. They didn't believe me then I went to the doctors my mom leg then I had another seizure my mom noticed it an someone got the Dr who stuck something in my mouth. I could hear and feel everything going on around me but I couldn't do anything about it. I got taken to the hospital for the 3rd or 4th time for seizures and I stayed there then I had two more episodes where I passed out and wouldn't wake up but I knew what was happening around me. They realized hmm maybe the cyst is the cause and they went to have it removed. When they day happened my mom had recently left because she was told I wouldn't be getting the operation that day a couple min later I get rolled in to the OR and the surgery done. When I woke up in my hospital room and when my mom came she asked if I knew when the surgery was and I told her the surgery happened last night didn't someone call? Nope they didn't and my mom was reasonably upset I was 17 when this happened. They also had a nurse trainee give me an iv and no one listened to me when I said it hurt when they stuck the iv in and pushed the saline. After about 3-4 nurses saying it fine someone checked and realized it wasn't in the vein and took the iv out and put a new one in. I got poked by IVs about 8-9 maybe 10 times during my stay and I stayed for about a week or two. After the surgery I was discharged about 2-3 days after. I had the surgery Saturday and got out tuesday- wednesdayish. And the needle are the most times I've been poked by IVs in a single stay throughout my life. And I was a premature baby 22-23 weeks so yeah and the hospital prescribed my mom meds that she was allergic to she went in said hey this is giving me an allergic reaction and they told her… Try it again. My mom also has to get a monthly shot for allergies and the persons there went to put the shot in wrong. and wouldn't tell her when the lady that actually knew other then my mom how to do it was in. Is been about a month passed maybe more. But yeah hospitals. Drs and people like that are retards. I will say this I liked the surgical team I don't like the nurses or ER drs. One time my mom lost a lot of blood the nurse stuck an iv in her and cranked the fluid right up mom said this isn't right and when the Dr showed up notice that it was cranked and turned it all the way down and mom pointed at the nurse who did it to. But yeah people are retards.

  26. I sometimes get a pain in my rib and when I try to breathe I can’t because it hurts, think I know what she’s felt, and it’s not fun.

  27. Wow I have been experiencing the same thing for the past few years without a way to explain it to my parents. Mine pain is only on the left side and it leaves me unable to breath at all for a few seconds followed by the fear to breath because I'm fearing the pain. I'm going to look it to this more and consult a doctor but I think I have this.

  28. This is happening to me! It all started when I picked up my brother, he was about 20 pounds, but I got this really sharp pain in my back and towards my rib. I went to the doctors and they said my ribs are out of place. So they sent me to physical therapy. I did that for four months and have only gotten worse. I went back, not being able to take deep breaths, I can't carry my backpack. I can't anything I liked to do, I cant sing, dance, cheer, tumble. I can barely walk for 1 minute and I am suffocating because I can't take deep breaths. They did an X-Ray, but everything was normal. So they sent me to do a CT scan, but the doctor said there needed to be more evidence that I was hurt and that he has better things to do. So, they are sending me to a different doctor, but he also rejected me. I can barely get out of bed sometimes, and I usually have to leave school early because I'm in so much pain. I have tried medicine and all this, and it frustrates me. I'm a young girl that wants to go out with her friends, I want to jump around and be able to breath right.

    Sorry for the rant it just really hurts, not just physically, but emotionally too.

  29. Something similar happened to me. I have sharp knee pains and I have had 10 x-rays and 1 MRI and still nothing!! They all just think I am doing it for attention!

  30. So how did they treat it cause I’m pretty sure I have it 😭 It hurts under my left breast and sometimes it feels like it pops back in place….idk I haven’t been to the doctor for it yet….

  31. I have this shit. It's so annoying and hard to pinpoint as it radiates around your rib and isn't there unless you bend or twist. It's annoying and anxiety inducing. However, getting it checked and being told that it's benign in nature will help you move past the constant worry and focusing on the pain. I'm currently going for MRI and physio. Will see how that goes (4 months of slipping-hurting-popping rib sensation to this date.).

  32. I think I have this as well. If I twist my torso or get tense when getting cold I am in extreme pain and all abilities stop till the pain goes away. It's been about 5 yrs and many drs and still…its supposedly in my head. By the way, I am 50 years old. I have lost faith in our medical community.
    Sad that we get more answers from the internet than from a dr.

  33. guys this syndrome is INCREDIBLY rare. I’ve gotten two surgeries for it so far and it’s not something common, it’s not automatically gonna be slipping rib

  34. i, 25, have spondyloarthritis for last 8 years, i'm in DMARDs medication .but since last 1 month i have pain with symptoms similar to slipping rib syndrome. only difference is it happens only when i sleep. when it wake up its impossible to get up and stand on my feet because 11 or 12th rib don't let me stand. but after struggle pain disappear after 10 minutes. whole day i feel completely normal. then again in night when i go to bed. just after 2 hrs of sleep i start feeling a death alarming pain. then i hardly sleep. when i wake up in morning crying by pain. and then again after 10 min of activity pain again disappear. pain is extreme in left lower rib. and very moderate on right. dono whats happening to me.. is there anyone with same problem ??

  35. I have this problem as well, it becomes so hard to breathe due to extreme sharp pain in your rib, just below the breast area which is more common with women. It can be treated by breathing in, holding your breath for 10-15 seconds and breathing out, I believe the right rib is more common to slip than the left.

  36. People I have at least 8 slipping ribs and it has completely destroyed my life. Ribs 8 9 10 both sides 2 3 4 on my left side. The top ones are always held out of place. Do not believe regular doctors or emergency room doctors you have to find a specialist or a D.O. that has heard of it.

  37. Please tell me anyone which exercise help reduce pain slipping ribs syndrome …..please tell

  38. HELP! I have this same problem I just need to get it diagnosed!! Have been looking it Dr. Lisa Mccmahon for awhile now !

  39. So I’ve had this for over a decade. I’ve had triggerpoint injections, epidural blocks in my spine and my gall bladder removed. The only thing that helped me was to lay down so I was bed ridden for weeks until it would heal. Until it would flare again. I was able to diagnose it myself. Thankfully the doctors agree now though.

  40. have this. I would actually call this an injury. For me it was an obvious injury, but it was not obvious what I had. I believe symptoms are different for everyone. Mine has progressively gotten worse. I have been misdiagnosed several times. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for 9 years now. All I know is I was doing a twisting exercise, and since then it just feels like the left side of my body was dying. I was EXTREMELY active before hand running 4 miles a day, and lifting weights 5 times a week, plus boxing, soccer, and basketball. I was told varying things by doctors who had no clue. This is very misunderstood, and very elusive. If you have discover you ACTUALLY have this, and ACTUALLY have been diagnosed correctly, congratulations. I want to help people who have this because I know it has been extremely life altering for me, and feel great sympathy for those going through it, as it can be quite lonely. There is one test a physical therapist had me do as I started my journey on the right path (all thanks be to God). I stood sideways to a wall, and reached up and over towards the wall, stretching obliques and ribs. ( similar time a stretch you see the you lady in this video do when in pain) My side of injury was WAY MORE “flexible”. My other other side was SUPER TIGHT. Do this test and see if you find the same thing. If it does, there is hope. I want to give you all my knowledge I have gathered here but it is an overwhelming amount of information. I do want to inform you that out of desperation we try SEVERAL things. Some were antagonizing and harming my injury. Since I saught so many treatments and saw so many practitioners, we tried massage, stretching, surgery, considered drugs for pain. The stretching the injured side is counterproductive. Think about it. If we stretch the side of pain where theoretically we have a rib slipping, we are putting it in a position where it is elongated. Those muscles that create stability there are already stretched enough. We want to strengthen those not stretch them. Another thing I want you to know is there does not have to be an obvious cause. This injury was not because I did that one movement only, and I doubt it was just one thing for you. That instability on that side was created by habits of positions I am comfortable in. You will need to become ultra aware of what your body is doing ALL DAY LONG. You will notice you aren’t able to sit or lay the same way you do on “the other side”. This actually isn’t easy to discover or notice and will come with time. You will need to learn your body. This should be done even if you already had surgery as I stated it was caused by body position habits and muscle imbalances you still have. The muscles I suspect are involved are the quadratus lumborum ( the ql muscle for short), erector spinae muscles, psoas, and obliques. It could be some, or all involved in your injury. I also have pelvic issues and I learned the the ql muscle attaches to the last rib and the pelvis. It is a great potential culprit for the lack of instability. I am right now working on learning if the uninsured side is over right in compensation for the years the injured side has not been working right. I have been stretching it, but it is for sure obvious the real application is strengthening the injured side to create stability so that I can heal. I would be cautious to just start stretching things and getting things to relax. I took this approach out of desperation and I know it was counterproductive. I hope this helps. I am willing to offer more help by email Tico clary @ gmail com last thing I will mention if you don’t reach out. I started a program called moveu. It was pricey, but I spent more on 2 sessions with one of the doctors what I paid for a lifelong membership. It is not a cure, it is a tool to learn assist in learning your body to aid in solving your injury yourself. I recommend it. I have been doing it daily as time allows and have learned quite a bit.

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