– Oh my God. – Oh my God! Don’t cry. – Don’t cry! (laughing) – What’s good Sands Fam. – It’s your girl Ken. – And your boy Tex. – Welcome back to our channel. If you guys are new here, stop what you’re doing and subscribe. We, would, love, to have you… What are we doing today babe? Go on, tell them. – Hold on one second. Yes sir? – Why am I not in it? – [Tex] Well now you are Sir. Anything you wanna say? – No. (laughing) – All right. So y’all today, we’re going
to be surprising my mother with the news that… – I’m pregnant! – What was that? – We’re, we’re pregnant.
– Oh okay. You worried about your
head , you can grab that– – Yeah. So, basically, I’m just gonna try to like, do it like, super surprised. Like get a really, really
good reaction out of her. I don’t know if she’s
gonna cry, or scream– – Why are we whispering? – Or whatever. – Because, the baby asleep.
– It’s like yeah, and this is a really,
really intense moment. So, I’m so excited, like y’all. – So if y’all don’t know– – She gon’ freak out. – We already have a
six month old daughter. – Yeah. – And now, we’re gonna have another baby. – Yeah, so wait, how far
apart are they gonna be? Because we tried calculating it you guys. – And y’all gotta do it okay.
– Yeah. Do the math. (laughing) So yeah, I should be pretty pretty early. So y’all calculate down
below and let me know. I so, so excited to tell her. I just wanna see her face! – Yeah, she’s gon’ be hyped. – Yeah–
– She gon’ be like, whoa! That’s what she gon’ be.
– She’s gonna be so excited. – My momma got nine kids. – Yeah.
– Uh huh, okay. – She told me like, ah who cares. – She just loves kids. (laughing) – Anyways, lets get into this video. Oh. – God, really. – Yeah you’ve been
getting migraines a lot. Um, I wanna go to Starbucks. – Why you always talking
about going to Starbucks? – ’cause! I love Starbucks.
– She’s a Starbucky. – Yeah exactly, we’re Starbucky. (chuckle) – I’m just gonna get tea though. I like, tryna see under this visor. Wait, did I go the wrong… Oh Lord have mercy. – Just got a few more
rounds, it’s the long way. – Oh okay.
– You will be aight. – Don’t be talking about I
can’t drive, ’cause I can. I’m a fantastic driver. I’m actually way more cautious than you. – What! Than who? – Cautious! Oh wait a minute, see now you
making me nervous a little bit wait, go straight? Okay. – Mother! – Son.
– Oh I see, see where we went. – How’s life been treating you? – It’s been wonderful. – (giggles) Mother. (laughing) – That’s good to know. – Hmm. – I have a headache! I think I’ve got a wisdom
tooth I need to get pulled. (gasping) – Maybe that’s it! Your wisdom teeth. – That’s why I’m wise right? – Well that’s why we couldn’t tell. – Couldn’t tell wha-… Oh.
(laughing) – You got jokes. – He’s just gaining his wisdom. (laughing) – And then he’s gonna get it snatched. (laughing) (laughing mockingly) – You, two, are funny! – So, do you feel them
all the way in the back, ’cause mine are out. – No they not. – All the way. – Oh, oh!
– Yeah. I’ve been wise for a while. Um, which way is Starbucks? – Definitely not straight.
– Maybe it’s like– – Oh okay, got it! Oh it’s… – Ouch. (laughing) – Ouch?
– Dylan always says, “My neck.”
(laughing) – No he goes, he goes ‘My back.” – Aw, I felt it. – When I first, got the car, I crashed the next day. And the sensor didn’t come
on until after the crash. – Dylan did the same thing. – And he’s like yeah that’s so weird. – Both of them can’t drive. – They drive, well.
– No! I can drive. I just, I wasn’t used
to the rear view mirror. (chuckles) – so I was looking every which way. – The rear view mirror? This?
– I mean this one! (laughing) the little backup camera. – Oh wow.
– I look in the rear view. – So it helped you, or it hurt? – It hurt, it hurt them, not me. – So you were tryna drive with this? – Yes.
– Wow. (laughing)
– And it didn’t work. But I’m totally used to it now. She just has, a dent the size of my head. (laughing) – And then he came out, he was like “I hope this not their car,
’cause this is so messed up.” – But she was like “I just scratched it.” I said, “I hope I ain’t
their car right there.” (laughing) – I was like… – It was bad? – I was pissed. – It was huge. You know why I was pissed? I wasn’t pissed ’cause she hit the car, I was pissed ’cause it was so forced. Like, it was late at night…
– Oh yes! – She was trying to
drive without a car seat. – Yeah it was.
– I’m like bruh. It’s so forced don’t do it. – Yup. – You know.
– I’m going! I just got my new car, I’m going! – So what happened afterwards, did you go? – Yeah, I went to the neighbors on Turnip. – No I mean but did you still go– – No, I didn’t, absolutely not! – See, should have stayed at home. – I was about to! – Oh my God!
– Come on. – Oh my neck. – Oh my Gosh. Dramatic! You’ll be ayt. Did you die though? Did you die though? – What does everyone want? – Where you in the car? – No, I was at home. – That’s why you didn’t die though. – No, I called him, I
tried to fake him out. – I was like oh nevermind,
nevermind, nevermind. – She called me! – Like look, she called me like 2 minutes, well a minute after she left.
– Yeah. – And when my phone rang I was like, “She din’ hit my car.”
– She crashed. – I was like, first I was like, man it’s
gonna hit my car bruh… – Yup.
– She was like, oh, oh nevermind, nevermind,
don’t worry about it. And them she hung up. And I was like yeah she hit my car, she hit my car, she aint gon’ tell me. Then she called back like a minute later. “Uh, so, I backed into the neighbors car.” I’m like… Bruh. but I was so relieved it wasn’t my car. – Oh my Gosh. And now he makes me park so far apart. (laughing) – Like, so far! – That’s why you on the street? – Exactly. – Nah, nah, nah, I didn’t
put her on the street. – No, you park me so apart from you. – Oh yeah, nah you can’t, no, no, no. – What’s the iced guava
white tea lemonade? – That’s what I’m getting,
that looks amazing. – Oh my God. – I just don’t like the Lemonade part. – I ain’t got my wallet, you got yours? (laughing) – Better back up outta here. – Are you joking? – I promise you, better back
up before somebody comes. – Are you joking?
– I don’t have my wallet. (laughing) – You’re gonna stop the line, I’m leaving. – Are you… (laughing) – Are you serious? – I’m dead serious. – Did you do that on–
– watch gon back into somebody (laughing) – Did you do that on purpose? – No, I just… – Oh my Gosh.
(laughing) – Oh my God! (laughing)
– Oh we have to go, we just have to go.
– No we don’t! How we gon’ go–
– We can’t back up! – Back up. – Turn!
– I can’t! – Turn the wheel. – Oh I have this.
– Yes! – I was looking here! – Oh I’ve got a headache. No, no back up. – Man, (laughing). – Man please don’t make me do this. – Turn, turn the steering wheel, turn. You don’t make the same
mistake twice a day. Look the yellow lines,
they’re showing you. – Yeah.
– Oh! Oh! – Oh God. – No, stop.
– This is tragic. – It’s okay. – Just take me back home. – You should have brought
your freaking wallet! – What do you mean my wallet? – What is wrong with you? (laughing) – I had a taste for it too. – Why, oh Gosh.
– You’re a mess. – Why you ain’t bring your… – But honestly, I can drive. – Okay. – We just experienced,
damn near death again. (laughing) who can back out of a freakin’ one-way? Okay, I’m sorry. – No ’cause I remember you told me not to go this way one time and I’m just…
(laughing) – I’m just trying to do the right thing. (deep breath) Oh Gosh! – Anyways. Babe. – Yeah? – Do you think it’s, it’s time?
– Yeah. It’s definitely time. – Oh. – Time for what? – Um…
– For my voice to be heard. (laughing) – She waits till there’s
a car coming to go. (laughing)
– We gon’ die. – Babe take it away. – Take it, you take it away. – You take it away! – You take it away. – Okay. I’m just gon’ come out with it. – We’re pregnant! – She looking like, what? – For real? – Yeah I swear to God. (laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – I think it is. (screaming) – Oh my God. – Oh my God! – Don’t cry!
– Don’t cry. (laughing) – Babe! – I told you don’t do this to my mom. – Oh my God! – Mama, don’t cry.
– Don’t cry! Okay I’m hoping it’s
tears of joy (giggles) – Nah, she’s okay.
(laughing) – Ah!
(laughing) – Oh my Gosh! Aww. (laughing) – That makes me so happy! Now you’re gonna make me cry. – Oh my God! Mama?
– Oh my God! – Now you’re gonna be a grandmammama! – Now I’m also gonna cry. (laughing) – I’m trying to drive. – Oh, wait a minute!
– I’m sorry. – Aw, that makes me so happy! – Jesus Christ. – Isn’t that crazy? (laughing) – I know–
– Oh my God! – I know, that’s crazy, wow. Aw, (laughing). I didn’t know how I was gonna
spring it on you either. What the heck.
– Oh God! (shouting) – Yeah, that happened so fast. – Yeah right.
like, so fast. Completely out of nowhere. – And natural–
– She already tryna name our, our new baby some crazy name.
– No! – Sutton! – Sutton? – I love Sawyer. – Sawyer? – And, I like Essex. – You hear that? – Essex.
(laughing) – There’s, (laughs), what? (laughing) – Okay I’m so confused.
– Yeah, I know. – So did y’all go do IVF? No, this one’s natural.
– Oh. That’s the crazy part. That is insane! Like it’s like they cracked
some code or something. – So you just needed like a jumpstart. – I guess so!
– Yeah. Honestly.
– That’s the Greenlight. – Oh my God.
– Jumpstart and go. (laughing) – Yeah, that is so cra- It’s so, so quickly. Like she’s six months old, like. – I know, I mean I can’t really talk. (laughing) – No, with you nine kids, you was on a roll.
– Oh wow. – I’m so excited. – Dang. – Ready to so it all over again? (laughing) – Do what all over again? – Everything! – You ready to do, oh! – Oh, sorry!
– Oh my God I need to get home I got a headache, you can’t drive. – Yeah we’re gonna do it, all over again! We’re gonna do a gender
reveal, baby shower! I’m so excited. – So what do we want? – I want a boy this time.
– A boy apparently, I’m hearing there was Sawyer, Sutton. – Yeah! – I really really like Sawyer.
– But if it’s a boy, we already know what the
boy name gon’ be so yeah. – Sawyer or Sutton? – Hell nah, neither one. – What’s it gon’ be? – What you talking about? – What’s it gon’ be.
– You gotta make a right. – Tell me! Tell me. – Its gon be Tex Sands. – See, I knew you were gonna– (laughing) – I knew you were gonna
try pull some mess. – Tex, Walker Sands. – Like Walker, Texas Ranger?
– Like Walker, Texas– (laughing) – Oh my Gosh. – That’s gon’ be his name. – Honestly,
– Better hope we have a girl. – Tex Walker Sands!
– If it’s a boy, because I want a boy, you can name him. – Yeah.
– So, so.. – Yeah.
– Matter of fact, I’m gonna name him Texas. – Okay babe.
– Just nickname him Texas. – The first name and the last name can’t start with the same sound. The first name…
– Yeah. Can’t end with the same
sound the last name… – So can’t be no Sutton Sands. – ’cause it’s gonna.. – No, Texas Sands is what she’s saying. – No, the Sss. – Oh so it be– Tex Sands then. – Tex Sands? – Tex Walker Sands. Aight, but if it’s a girl then, – But, this one’s gonna be left out, because y’all started with this, K sound. – K-K, C-C… – That’s what I was thinking. So, – Well I don’t wanna be you
boo, if we had nine kids our kids would be K-K, B-B (hissing sound) (laughing) – Sound like broke down car– – Wait no there’s Kendall,
Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, what’s the other one? – Kuku? – What’s the other one? – I don’t, know.
– Are there more? – I don’t do the Kardashians. – Oh no. – Are there more? I don’t know. – Are you happy? – I’m excited! – Yay! – We let, oh Jesus. – Oh my Gosh, she’s on the grass. – You guys!
– I know, she can’t drive. – You guys, stop. Oh, we’ve reached our destination. – I’m so mad you left your wallet. – I’m too. – Yeah, my ass.
– I cannot believe you. – All right!
– Anyways! – Yeah, I’m going inside, y’all get it. (upbeat music)

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