Another thing on headaches – everybody has
different types of headaches. Some people have more tension type. Some people have more
migraine type. There’s one theory out in the world that says that all headaches are in
this big continuum and you have your high and your low. Your tension type ones are here
and your migraine type ones are here. What people will do is they’ll shift up and
down that continuum. So you may have felt this where all of a sudden all your headaches
are worse. Your migraines like ones are more migraine, they’re pounding. They’re just this
throb that takes you out of commission and your tension migraine ones or tension type
ones are very intense too. Other times when you’re doing better, you’re stretching, you’re
icing stresses down, you start sliding down the ladder where your tension headaches aren’t
as bad and your migraine ones aren’t as bad. You feel that based on your activities, your
stress, everything is going in your life. So we’re always trying to work at pulling
you back down this way. How can we get your tension ones lighter? How can we get your
migraine ones lighter? It goes back right to stop doing the things that irritate it. There are certain things that affect them
that we can’t help, such as your hormones, your metabolic, some of the allergies, all
those other things that are happening with you. But things that we can do really well
and affect those are the muscle spasms and the fatigue and that irritation in it from
the muscles and joints. Working on posture, get that head up so the
muscles don’t have to work as hard. That will decrease the likelihood of irritating and
producing that headache. Working on icing, 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there does a great
job of resetting some of those muscle sensors to keep them from going into that spam. Taking
a quick couple of breaks, doing those stretches and exercises to loosen those muscles up,
keep them from tightening up and going into that cascade that leads to your headache. In short, we want to find ways to move you
back this way. Ice, stretch, do all the good things. But really work on your posture. If
those muscles don’t have to work as hard then they’re less likely to put you into that tension
type headache.

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